Yakked example sentences

Related (10): talked, chatted, conversed, gabbed, gossiped, nattered, blabbed, palavered, communicated, discussed

"Yakked" Example Sentences

1. I couldn't concentrate on my work while my coworker yakked away on his phone.
2. She yakked on and on about her new diet plan during our lunch break.
3. The politician constantly yakked about his achievements during the campaign trail.
4. My brother always yakked on the phone to his girlfriend for hours.
5. The tour guide yakked about the history of the city throughout the entire bus ride.
6. The teacher scolded the students for yakked during class.
7. The customer at the coffee shop yakked at the barista about the wrong order.
8. My dad yakked at us to clean our room before we could go out.
9. The talkative passenger yakked the entire flight, making it difficult for us to sleep.
10. The coach yakked at the team to improve their performance.
11. The sisters yakked about their childhood memories while visiting their hometown.
12. The elderly lady yakked about her grandkids to anyone who would listen.
13. The radio DJ yakked about his favorite bands and songs on his show.
14. The therapist yakked to the patient about coping mechanisms for anxiety.
15. The child yakked at their parents to buy them a new toy.
16. The boss yakked at the employees for not meeting their deadlines.
17. The waiter yakked at the chef for messing up the order.
18. The student yakked to their friends about the difficult exam.
19. The parent yakked at the school principal for the unfair grading system.
20. The actor yakked to the audience during their acceptance speech.
21. The group of friends yakked about their upcoming vacation plans.
22. The customer service representative yakked to the client about their service packages.
23. The coach yakked to his team about sportsmanship and respect towards opponents.
24. The teenager yakked about their favorite band during class, instead of paying attention.
25. The celebrity yakked about their personal life in the interview.
26. The professor yakked about the significance of the research during the conference.
27. The sibling yakked at each other during the long car ride.
28. The blogger yakked about the latest fashion trends on their website.
29. The DJ yakked about the next song he was going to play at the party.
30. The politician yakked about the importance of education in the society.

Common Phases

1. We yakked on the phone for hours;
2. She yakked about her new job;
3. They yakked about their weekend plans;
4. I yakked with my friend over coffee;
5. He yakked about his favorite sports team;
6. We yakked away the afternoon talking about everything;
7. She wouldn't stop yacking about her ex-boyfriend;
8. They yakked about the latest fashion trends;
9. I yakked with my neighbor while walking the dog;
10. He yakked about his recent travel adventures.

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