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"Abacus" Example Sentences

1. The school still used old wooden abacuses for teaching children mathematics.
2. The child practiced addition and subtraction problems on an abacus.
3. The abacus was used in ancient times for doing mathematical calculations.
4. The historian discussed the role of the abacus in the development of arithmetic.
5. Asian cultures have relied on abacuses for mathematical calculations for centuries.
6. The abacus allowed calculations to be performed quickly and accurately using beads on rods.
7. The artifacts unearthed at the archaeological site included an ancient abacus.
8. Children in China still use abacuses to learn basic arithmetic.
9. Many abacuses have been replaced by modern calculators and computers.
10. The museum exhibit featured an antique Chinese abacus.
11. The discovery of the abacus revolutionized mathematical calculations.
12. Some people believe working with an abacus develops fine motor skills in children.
13. The digital abacus displays calculations on an LCD screen.
14. The show demonstrated how to use an abacus for simple addition and subtraction.
15. The components of an abacus include beads, rods and a frame.
16. The accountant used an abacus to quickly tally up columns of numbers.
17. Renowned mathematicians developed many techniques for using abacuses more efficiently.
18. The workshop taught attendees how to calculate advanced functions using an abacus.
19. Historians believe the abacus was first used over 4,000 years ago.
20. The traditional abacus employed a base-10 system.
21. The archaeologist carefully dusted off the ancient abacus that had been unearthed.
22. The math tutor taught the student how to use an abacus effectively.
23. Modern digital calculators have largely supplanted the traditional abacus.
24. The lecture discussed the spread of the abacus throughout Eurasia.
25. The Greek philosopher conceived of an abstract abacus in his theories of numbers.
26. Students at the math camp diligently practiced calculations using abacuses.
27. The young girl deftly manipulated the beads on her abacus.
28 The history teacher used an interactive abacus app to demonstrate ancient calculation methods.
29. Abacuses are still commonly used in Japan.
30. Asian abacuses typically use a different arrangement of beads compared to those used in Europe.
31. Several students gathered around the large abacus used for teaching math fundamentals.
32. The gifted student effortlessly performed complex equations on the wooden abacus.
33. The physics formula relied on an abacus metaphor to illustrate observable quantities.
34. The abacus counters helped students visibly see place values.
35. The math tutor showed the student how to troubleshoot errors on an abacus.
36. The historian examined an ancient abacus fragment found at the ruinsof an old civilization.
37. The archaeologists carefully reconstructed the abacus based on the excavated pieces.
38. The soroban is a particular type of abacus commonly used in Japan.
39. The abacus counters provided a hands-on approach to doing basic arithmetic.
40. Ancient civilizations adopted the abacus due to its simplicity and effectiveness.
41. Hindu and Arabic mathematicians refined abacus methodology.
42. The businesswoman expertly manipulated the abacus beads to calculate totals and balances.
43. Abacuses allow for quick estimations and speedy calculations.
44. The history of the abacus shows how cultural exchange spread technologies.
45. The accounting firm used abacuses to rapidly tally up long columns of figures.
46. The toy company manufactured colorful plastic abacuses for children.
47. The math game featured an interactive electronic abacus for doing calculations.
48. Many parents believe providing children with an abacus develops numeracy skills.
49. Modern business consultants recommend keeping an abacus on one's desk for quick reckoning.
50. The digital abacus could display multiple place values on separate screens.
51. The little girl enthusiastically played with the beads on her abacus.
52. Researchers are studying how the abacus activated different areas of the brain.
53. The history teacher passed the wooden abacus around so each student could try using it.
54. The antique dealer appraised the value of the rare ivory abacus.
55. The accountancy student practiced complex equations using an abacus.
56. The abacus counters helped visualize the place value of digits during arithmetic operations.
57. Researchers believe using an abacus strengthens numerical representations in the brain.
58. The calculator eventually replaced abacuses in most practical applications.
59. The CPU of a computer functions similar to how an abacus processes calculations.
60. The math tutoring book contained diagrams illustrating how to perform basic operations using an abacus.

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