Deflorations example sentences

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"Deflorations" Example Sentences

1. The doctor explained to the young woman the risks of deflorations.
2. The novel was controversial due to its graphic descriptions of deflorations.
3. In some cultures, deflorations are seen as a rite of passage for young women.
4. The accused was charged with multiple counts of deflorations of minors.
5. The nun spoke out against the deflorations committed by priests in the church.
6. The author wrote extensively about the psychological impact of deflorations on survivors.
7. Despite the legal consequences, deflorations still occur regularly in many parts of the world.
8. The documentary shed light on the prevalence of deflorations in certain industries.
9. The victim bravely testified against her rapist in court, detailing the deflorations she endured.
10. The organization provides support to survivors of deflorations and advocates for stricter laws.
11. The defendant denied the allegations of deflorations and pleaded not guilty.
12. The police investigation uncovered a network of individuals involved in the trafficking and deflorations of young girls.
13. The survivor shared her story of deflorations to raise awareness and promote healing for others.
14. The school implemented a comprehensive education program to prevent deflorations and educate students on consent.
15. The therapist worked with survivors of deflorations to help them overcome trauma and reclaim their lives.
16. The journalist conducted in-depth interviews with survivors of deflorations and exposed the systemic issues within the justice system.
17. The singer-songwriter wrote a powerful ballad about the devastating effects of deflorations and dedicated it to survivors everywhere.
18. The lawyer argued that the defendant's previous deflorations were not relevant to the current case.
19. The medical examiner determined that the victim's injuries were consistent with deflorations.
20. The community rallied together to demand justice for the victims of deflorations in their town.
21. The politician introduced new legislation to increase the penalties for deflorations and improve support for survivors.
22. The jury listened carefully as the survivor described the details of the deflorations she experienced.
23. The support group provides a safe space for survivors of deflorations to share their experiences and find healing.
24. The activist organization organized protests and demonstrations to raise awareness about the prevalence of deflorations.
25. The survivor bravely confronted her attacker in court and demanded accountability for the deflorations he committed.
26. The filmmaker produced a powerful documentary about the longstanding history of deflorations within certain communities.
27. The judge sentenced the defendant to a lengthy prison term for his deflorations of multiple victims.
28. The novelist drew inspiration from the accounts of survivors in crafting a gripping story about deflorations and the quest for justice.
29. The survivor used her platform to advocate for changes in culture and laws to prevent future deflorations and protect vulnerable individuals.
30. The artist created a provocative series of illustrations depicting the emotional and physical impact of deflorations.

Common Phases

1. The deflorations of several acres of rainforest have caused irreparable damage to the ecosystem;
2. The deflorations of countless innocent lives during war is a tragedy that cannot be quantified;
3. The deflorations of historical monuments and artifacts is a reflection of society's disregard for cultural preservation;
4. The deflorations of privacy through invasive technology is a violation of basic human rights;
5. The deflorations of trust in personal relationships can lead to devastating emotional consequences.

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