Appointment example sentences

Related (12): Meeting, schedule, arrangement, engagement, reservation, consultation, booking, interview, visit, conference, session, assignment.

"Appointment" Example Sentences

1. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow at 3 PM.
2. I forgot to make an appointment for my hair cut and now I have to wait two weeks.
3. My appointment with the dentist was rescheduled to next week.
4. I need to cancel my appointment with the therapist, something urgent came up.
5. I finally got an appointment with the immigration officer to discuss my visa application.
6. My boss just called to say I have an appointment with a new client at 11 AM tomorrow.
7. I always make sure to arrive early to my appointments, it shows respect for other people's time.
8. My appointment with the accountant lasted longer than expected, but we managed to solve some issues.
9. I need to find a new doctor because my previous one always had me waiting for hours after my appointment time.
10. Tomorrow I have a double appointment: first a job interview in the morning and then a meeting with my financial advisor in the afternoon.
11. I'm sorry, I cannot make it to our lunch appointment today, I got stuck in traffic.
12. The embassy requires you to make an appointment online before showing up in person.
13. My appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine shot is next week.
14. I love going to the spa, but I always have to book my appointment in advance or they get fully booked.
15. My appointment with the lawyer took too long, but I guess it's normal considering how many issues I had.
16. My sister is a hairdresser, so I always get a special discount when I make an appointment with her.
17. I wish doctors wouldn't schedule appointments so early in the morning, I'm never functional that early.
18. I completely forgot about my appointment with the chiropractor yesterday.
19. She asked me to remind her of her appointment with the stylist on Friday.
20. I had to reschedule my appointment with the optometrist because of a sudden eye infection.
21. Don't forget that we have an appointment with the leasing agent today to check out that new office space.
22. My best friend surprised me with a spa appointment for my birthday.
23. I'm not a fan of having multiple appointments on the same day, it's so time-consuming.
24. My dentist always gives me a reminder call a day before my appointment.
25. I always bring a book or something to do while waiting for my appointments, it helps me pass the time.
26. I'm so glad I found a hairstylist who knows my hair texture, I no longer dread my appointments.
27. I'm sorry to have to cancel our appointment, but I caught a cold and don't want to spread germs.
28. The company policy states that employees need to give at least 24 hours' notice when canceling an appointment with a client.
29. My appointment with the nutritionist was enlightening, I learned so many new things about healthy eating.
30. I keep a calendar with all my appointments so I never forget a single one.

Common Phases

you have any availability tomorrow?;
I need to schedule an appointment for next week;
Can we move the appointment to a later time?;
I'm sorry, but I need to cancel my appointment;
I confirmed my appointment for 2pm on Friday;
I just received a reminder for my appointment on Monday;
Can I reschedule my appointment for next month?;
I arrived early to my appointment, is the doctor running on time?;
We need to schedule a follow-up appointment after the procedure;
I missed my appointment, can I still see the doctor today?

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