Army example sentences

Related (20): soldiers, barracks, regiment, division, platoon, artillery, infantry, commander, strategy, logistics, war, battlefield, medals, ranks, training, deployment, mission, intelligence, combat, patriotism

"Army" Example Sentences

1. The army marched through the city, displaying their might.
2. He joined the army to serve his country.
3. The army base was heavily guarded at all times.
4. The army general inspected the troops before battle.
5. The army tanks rolled through the desert with ease.
6. The army helicopter descended onto the landing pad.
7. The army outpost was located deep in the jungle.
8. The army recruits trained tirelessly for weeks.
9. The army sniper took down his target with precision.
10. The army band played patriotic tunes during the parade.
11. The army barracks were packed with soldiers.
12. The army engineers built a bridge over the river.
13. The army intelligence unit gathered crucial information.
14. The army chaplain provided comfort to the soldiers.
15. The army doctors tended to the wounded on the battlefield.
16. The army jeeps drove through the rugged terrain.
17. The army medics administered emergency care to the injured.
18. The army sergeant barked out orders to the troops.
19. The army ammunition depot stored hundreds of crates of weapons.
20. The army canine unit trained dogs to sniff out explosives.
21. The army pilot flew a reconnaissance mission over enemy territory.
22. The army reserve unit was activated for duty.
23. The army drill sergeant pushed the recruits to their limits.
24. The army transport truck carried supplies to the front line.
25. The army green camouflage uniforms blended in with the forest.
26. The army heavy artillery fired shells at the enemy position.
27. The army field hospital was set up to treat the wounded.
28. The army mine sweepers cleared the path for the convoy.
29. The army paratroopers jumped out of the plane and onto enemy soil.
30. The army ranger navigated through the dense jungle to reach their objective.

Common Phases

1. Joining the army is a big decision; it requires dedication and sacrifice.
2. The army provides valuable training for a variety of careers; many veterans go on to successful civilian jobs.
3. Basic training is tough, but it prepares soldiers for the challenges ahead; physical and mental strength are essential.
4. The army has strict rules and regulations; discipline and adherence to guidelines are crucial.
5. Deployments can be difficult and put a strain on families; support networks and communication are important.
6. Soldiers form close bonds with their fellow servicemembers; loyalty and camaraderie are highly valued in the army.
7. Many soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); mental health resources and support are available.
8. The army is a respected institution that serves the country; pride and patriotism are common among soldiers.
9. Army life can be rewarding, but it is not for everyone; it requires a certain level of commitment and sacrifice.
10. Courage and bravery are expected of soldiers in difficult situations; facing danger is part of the job in the army.

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