Away example sentences

Related (10): distance, departure, escape, absence, removal, retreat, exclusion, isolation, detachment, divergence.

"Away" Example Sentences

1. He looked away when I caught his eye.
2. The wind blew the leaves away.
3. I drifted away into a peaceful sleep.
4. She gave away most of her clothes to charity.
5. They threw the trash away.
6. I took the book away with me.
7. The little boy ran away from home.
8. After a while, the pain went away.
9. The teachers took the toys away from the children.
10. I put the papers away in my desk.
11. He ate his food away in silence.
12. The princess ran away with the prince.
13. Her eyes filled with tears as she looked away.
14. The magician made the tablecloth disappear away.
15. The dog ran away from the noise.
16. The athletes stretched away their soreness.
17. The students poured away the leftover chemicals.
18. My mind drifted away as I daydreamed.
19. Customers walked away from the long lines.
20. She managed to sneak away from the party.
21. Please stay away from the edge.
22. The bully shoved the little boy away.
23. Don't drift away while I'm talking to you.
24. The police took the criminal away to jail.
25. Walk away if someone is making you uncomfortable.
26. The noise faded away into the distance.
27. The mice scurried away when the lights came on.
28. She wished him away to another land.
29. I put my thoughts away to concentrate on my task.
30. The children ran away laughing.
31. The intruder ran away when he saw the police.
32. Keep your fingernails filed away from the quick.
33. They fought away the intruders.
34. The frightened animal backed away into the bushes.
35. I put all thoughts of work away while on vacation.
36. The officer escorted the crowd away from the scene.
37. She turned away to hide her tears.
38. Time flies away so quickly.
39. The night crept away and dawn arrived.
40. He tried in vain to brush away her concerns.
41. Please go away and leave me alone.
42. We walked away from the fireworks display.
43. We threw the sickly plants away.
44. Dust away any debris from the surface.
45. The scared child clung away to her mother.
46. The magician made the rabbit disappear away in a puff of smoke.
47. The athlete stretched away all the soreness in her muscles.
48. The pain went away after a few hours.
49. Customers walked away in frustration from the long lines.
50. I stared blankly away into space.

Common Phases

1. He walked away without saying goodbye.
2. The cat ran away from the dog.
3. His worries vanished away after a relaxing vacation.
4. The particles drifted away in the wind.
5. Don't stay away for too long.
6. She quickly wiped the tears away.
7. The forgotten toy lay away under the bed.
8. The money ran away through his fingers.
9. The students drifted away from the classroom after the bell rang.
10. The team fell away in the final quarter of the game.
11. Her smile faded away over time.
12. The smoke drifted away into the clouds.
13. They drifted away from their friends over the years.
14. She snatched the ball away from the child.
15. The clouds floated away in the distance.
16. The little girl wandered away from her parents.
17. The music played away in the background.
18. The voices faded away as I fell asleep.
19. His memories of childhood faded away with time.
20. The ambulance drove away with the injured man inside.
21. Come away from the edge, it's dangerous!
22. The balloon floated away into the sky.
23. The wind blew the leaves away.
24. The heat caused the paint to fade away.
25. I threw the ball too far away.
26. He took the toy truck away from his daughter.
27. The children strayed away while their parents weren't looking.
28. The pain gradually faded away.
29. The mosquitoes buzzed away around my head.
30. The lake stretched away into the distance.
31. The bees flew away when I approached the hive.
32. The sounds of the city faded away.
33. He took the money and ran away.
34. The dust settled away after the storm.
35. The ghosts vanished away into the night.
36. The excited kids ran away to play.
37. My hopes and dreams drifted away into nothingness.
38. The birds flew away at my approach.
39. She chased the butterfly away with her net.
40. The bird flew away into the trees.
41. His memories gradually faded away.
42. The storm finally blew away.
43. Please stay away from the fire.
44. The footsteps faded away into the distance.
45. Come away from there at once!
46. The clock ticked away the hours.
47. The flickering light eventually faded away.
48. The music danced away into the night.
49. The flowers started to wilt away.
50. The children romped away in the meadow.
51. The balloon floated away out of sight.
52. I went away to college last year.
53. Please stop daydreaming and pay attention right away.
54. The parade marched away down the street.
55. The crowd dispersed away after the ceremony.
56. The thieves crept away into the night.
57. The music faded away into silence.
58. My troubles will fade away someday.
59. The kids ran away screaming with delight.
60. The bus drove away into the distance.

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