Baggage example sentences

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"Baggage" Example Sentences

1. The passengers were unloading their baggage from the plane.
2. Travelers stood in line to check their baggage at the airport.
3. The vacationers had a lot of baggage to carry through the airport.
4. Customs officials searched the travelers' baggage for illegal items.
5. The baggage claim area was crowded with passengers waiting for their luggage.
6. Some of the baggage did not make it onto our connecting flight.
7. The baggage handler loaded the suitcases onto the cart.
8. We had to pay an extra fee to check more than two pieces of baggage.
9. The baggage carousel finally started moving with the arriving suitcases.
10. We had to run to catch our flight before they closed the baggage loading door.
11. She struggled to drag her heavy baggage through the airport terminal.
12. He had a hard time fitting all his baggage into the trunk of the taxi.
13. There is a lot of emotional baggage that comes with a difficult divorce.
14. We encouraged him to leave the emotional baggage from his past relationships behind.
15. She brought a lot of psychological baggage with her into the new relationship.
16. Moving on requires letting go of the past and not carrying around excess emotional baggage.
17. Examine your own baggage before getting into a relationship with someone else.
18. Putting down emotional baggage from the past can be challenging but also rewarding.
19. She did not want to repeat the same relationship mistakes due to her own baggage.
20. Their new relationship started out well but she brought too much emotional baggage into it.
21. Unresolved childhood issues often become emotional baggage that plagues adult relationships.
22. Baggage from previous relationships often leads to trust issues in future ones.
23. Moving forward may require acknowledging your own psychological baggage and working through it.
24. Don't let your own baggage damage a new relationship before it has a chance to grow.
25. Much of our emotional baggage comes from unhealthy patterns formed during childhood.
26. Share your emotional baggage with close friends who act as sounding boards before discussing it with your partner.
27. The new couple avoided difficult topics due to the baggage they carried from failed past relationships.
28. Their previous marriages left them both with emotional baggage that clouded their visions.
29. His childhood traumas and lack of affection turned into psychological baggage that plagued his adult relationships.
30. Gain insight into your own emotional baggage before expecting a partner to understand and accept it.
31. Confronting your own internal baggage head-on is difficult but can reduce its power over you.
32. Unresolved issues from the past invariably became baggage that weighed down future choices.
33. All of us carry some level of baggage due to life experience; the key is being aware of it.
34. Learn to identify your own emotional baggage so you can consciously work through it.
35. Her childhood trauma and unhealed wounds remained emotional baggage that followed her into adulthood.
36. Talking honestly with a partner about your emotional baggage can help lighten the load.
37. Some people carry heavier emotional baggage due to more difficult life experiences.
38. Give yourself time to unpack and process your emotional baggage before entering a serious relationship.
39. We all have psychological and emotional baggage; being aware of yours is the first step to addressing it.
40. He brought so much unresolved emotional baggage into their marriage that she soon felt suffocated.
41. Learn to let go of the unnecessary emotional baggage that holds you back from living fully.
42. It takes time and effort to unpack and sort through emotional baggage before leaving it behind.
43. Reframe negative self-talk and critical narratives that form part of your emotional baggage.
44. Her past abusive relationship left deep emotional baggage that impacted all future relationships.
45. The hardest part of addressing emotional baggage is acknowledging its existence.
46. They broke up primarily due to the enormous amount of emotional baggage each partner brought into the relationship.
47. A psychotherapist can help you identify and resolve emotional baggage through talk therapy and other techniques.
48. Link emotional baggage to the initial triggers that caused it in order to understand and resolve it.
49. Self-awareness is the first step to identifying and letting go of unwanted emotional baggage.
50. Carrying heavy baggage from the past makes it difficult to live fully in the present.

Common Phases

1. She checked her baggage at the airport before boarding the plane.
2. They had a lot of baggage from their past relationship that they needed to work through.
3. The baggage claim area was packed with travelers retrieving their luggage.
4. I've been carrying around so much emotional baggage for years.
5. They had to pay extra fees because their baggage weighed too much.
6. I suggest leaving your emotional baggage behind before entering into a new relationship.
7. The airline lost her baggage so she had no clothes for her trip.
8. He travels light with just a carry-on and no checked baggage.
9. The extra baggage fees are making air travel more expensive.
10. Don't let emotional baggage from past relationships hold you back from finding love again.
11. After the divorce, she still had so much baggage from her ex-husband.
12. The assembly-line baggage handling systems at airports can manage thousands of bags per hour.
13. Her carry-on baggage was too large and had to be checked.
14. The excess baggage charges really added up on their round-the-world trip.
15. They paid $100 in oversized baggage fees for their golf clubs.
16. The baggage claims area was crowded after the holiday rush.
17. Bags and baggage are terms used interchangeably for luggage.
18. Some people travel with trunks full of baggage for short business trips.
19. The baggage system at the airport malfunctioned causing delays.
20. The motorized baggage cart carried their dozens of suitcases.
21. She was still burdened with all the emotional baggage from her childhood.
22. The notion of young love without any baggage seems romantic but unrealistic.
23. The vacationers were greeted by a mountain of baggage at the airport.
24. They had to check multiple pieces of baggage due to all the souvenirs they bought.
25. The airline tried to charge her for extra baggage but she knew she was within the weight limit.
26. The plane took off before the woman's baggage arrived at the airport.
27. The frequent business traveler had become an expert in avoiding excess baggage charges.
28. The family had to pay several hundred dollars in overweight baggage fees for their vacation.
29. The pile of suitcases and bags represented years of collecting unnecessary baggage.
30. She vowed to leave behind her emotional baggage and begin fresh with a new relationship.
31. Their relationship started with no baggage but complications arose over time.
32. The luggage carousel finally started rotating with everyone's missing baggage.
33. The movers arrived with mountains of packing crates and baggage for the move.
34. He had to check several pieces of baggage because of all the camera equipment.
35. They had baggage for all four corners of the world after years of living abroad.
36. Some aircraft have limits on both check-in and carry-on baggage.
37. The delays at the airport caused baggage claim lines to stretch for blocks.
38. They were puzzled why they had to pay fees to check their own baggage.
39. Her carry-on baggage fee came as a surprise as she had never seen one before.
40. Travelers were lined up checking baggage and getting boarding passes.
41. Baggage fees have significantly increased airline profits in recent years.
42. The baggage claim carousel finally started moving after a long delay.
43. The newlyweds started their marriage with very little material or emotional baggage.
44. Baggage should always contain identification tags in case it gets lost.
45. The divorce left her with huge emotional baggage and trust issues.
46. International travelers often have to pay much higher baggage fees.
47. The old suitcase was filled with forgotten baggage from her youth.
48. Baggage pile-ups at airports during busy travel times are common.
49. Overweight baggage fees have discouraged some travelers from checking bags.
50. The newly divorced woman vowed to leave her ex-husband's baggage behind.
51. The concept of setting aside emotional baggage seemed impossible but necessary.
52. The airport was crowded with travelers laden down with baggage.
53. Baggage fees have become a significant source of revenue for airlines.
54. Airport security agents inspect checked and carry-on baggage for threats.
55. They tried to go on vacation without any emotional baggage but struggled.
56. Delays in transporting checked baggage through the airport are common.
57. The elderly man had accrued decades of emotional and literal baggage.
58. The mailroom employees sorted through mountains of parcel and baggage.
59. The baggage claim area was in chaos after a computer malfunction.
60. Their emotional baggage threatened to overwhelm their new relationship.

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