Lipless example sentences

Related (6): mouth, toothless, speechless, expressionless, voiceless, impassive

"Lipless" Example Sentences

1. The terrifying monster had a lipless mouth that showed all its sharp teeth.
2. She spoke with a lipless voice, giving away nothing of her emotions.
3. The lipless fish seemed to have no mouth, but still managed to swallow its prey.
4. The alien had a lipless face that made it difficult for humans to read its expressions.
5. His lipless smile was unnerving, like the grin of a skull.
6. The statue had a lipless mouth, almost as if it were stifling a secret.
7. The creature's lipless lips made it impossible for it to whistle or blow bubbles.
8. She couldn't help but stare at his lipless mouth, wondering how he could speak without one.
9. The ancient tomb was guarded by lipless sculptures of the pharaohs.
10. I had a nightmare about a lipless demon that was trying to devour my soul.
11. The robot's face was featureless except for a lipless slit serving as its mouth.
12. The statue of the goddess had a serene lipless smile that radiated tranquility.
13. The desperate criminal tried to plead his case, but his lipless mouth made it hard for the judge to take him seriously.
14. The vampire had a lipless mouth, exposing his fangs which gleamed in the pale moonlight.
15. The automaton's lipless face showed no emotion, despite its movements being fluid and lifelike.
16. The fisherman pulled an odd-looking, lipless fish out of the water, marveling at its strangeness.
17. The statue of the ancient god had a stern, lipless frown, warning all those who dared to trespass in the temple.
18. The lipless statue of the sphinx stood guard at the entrance of the temple, part of an ancient mystery that no one had solved yet.
19. She shuddered as the lipless specter floated towards her, its hollow eyes fixed on hers.
20. The artificial intelligence had a lipless mouth that could move as if speaking, but no sound came out.
21. The creature's lipless lips couldn't form words, but it communicated through telepathy instead.
22. The statue of the emperor had a lipless sneer, as if mocking everyone who passed by.
23. The doll's lipless mouth was stitched shut, as if keeping a dark secret.
24. The ghostly apparition had a lipless mouth, but it groaned and moaned with an otherworldly voice.
25. The man's lipless grin revealed his crooked teeth, making the woman feel uneasy.
26. The mummy's lipless face was a chilling reminder of the frailty of life.
27. The zombie's lipless snarl exposed its rotting gums, desperate for a meal.
28. The statue of the goddess had a serene lipless smile that radiated tranquility.
29. The skull's lipless jaw creaked as it snapped shut, sending chills down the explorer's spine.
30. The alien's lipless mouth made human speech impossible, so it used technology to communicate instead.

Common Phases

1. The fish was caught using a lipless crankbait; its hook caught on the fish's bottom lip.
2. The lipless wonder was a popular lure among anglers; its unique design and action was irresistible to fish.
3. Some anglers prefer using lipless baits in the fall; they imitate dying shad which is a common food source for game fish.
4. The lipless jig is a versatile lure; it can be fished in a variety of ways to trigger strikes from wary predators.
5. Lipless lures are effective in stained water; their vibration and rattles help fish locate the bait even in low visibility.
6. The lipless crankbait is a go-to lure for bass anglers; its ability to cover water quickly and trigger reaction strikes makes it a must-have in any tackle box.
7. The lipless baitfish imitator is a deadly lure for walleye; its realistic profile and swim action can fool even the most finicky fish.
8. Anglers use lipless lures year-round; they are effective in both warm and cold water temperatures.
9. Fishing with lipless lures can be both challenging and rewarding; mastering their use takes patience and practice.
10. The lipless vibration lure is popular among saltwater anglers; its action mimics fleeing baitfish which is often preyed upon by game fish.

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