Banderilla example sentences

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"Banderilla" Example Sentences

1. The matador placed the banderilla deftly between the bull's shoulder blades.
2. The audience cheered as the picador positioned the banderilla in the bull's neck.
3. After the banderilla was inserted, the bull roared and charged at the matador.
4. The banderilla is a crucial element of bullfighting and requires skill and precision to use.
5. The matador had to be quick on his feet as he dodged the bull after placing the banderilla.
6. Before the fight, the matador carefully selected the banderillas he would use.
7. The banderilla is a decorated wooden pole used in bullfighting.
8. The banderilleros are responsible for placing the banderillas in the bull.
9. The bull charged furiously at the banderilla, but missed by inches.
10. The matador gracefully danced around the bull and placed the banderilla with ease.
11. The banderillero managed to place two banderillas on the bull before stepping out of the ring.
12. The banderillas are designed to weaken the bull and make it more vulnerable to the matador's sword.
13. The matador's performance was enhanced by the skill of the banderilleros who expertly placed the banderillas.
14. Banderillas are typically decorated with bright streamers and are an important part of the spectacle of bullfighting.
15. The picador is responsible for piercing the bull's flesh with a lance before the banderilleros insert the banderillas.
16. The bull shook its head frantically, trying to dislodge the banderilla.
17. The matador removed his hat and saluted the crowd before picking up a new banderilla.
18. The banderilla is one of the most controversial aspects of bullfighting due to the cruelty involved.
19. The matador rotated his body gracefully and inserted the banderilla without any hesitation.
20. Watching the banderilleros place the banderillas was both thrilling and unsettling.
21. The crowd gasped as the bull charged towards the banderilla, narrowly missing it.
22. The banderillero ran around the bull, skillfully dodging its attacks before inserting the banderilla.
23. The banderillas are often coated in petroleum jelly or other substances to increase their visibility and ensure they stick to the bull's skin.
24. The matador expertly placed the banderilla in the bull's flesh and then quickly stepped away.
25. The banderilleros' role has evolved over time, with many now adopting a more artistic approach to placing the banderillas.
26. Some bullfighters use blunt banderillas that don't pierce the bull's flesh, but merely stick to the surface.
27. The banderilla was embedded deep in the bull's shoulder, causing it to stagger and lose its footing.
28. The bull charged ferociously towards the banderillero, who miraculously managed to avoid being gored.
29. The banderillas are often custom-made for individual bullfighters and may incorporate personal symbols or designs.
30. The use of banderillas in bullfighting has been a point of controversy and protest among animal rights activists.

Common Phases

1. The matador skilfully thrusts the banderillas into the bull's back;
2. The banderilla is a long, thin stick with a sharp end used to further exhaust the bull;
3. The crowd cheers as the matador successfully sticks the banderilla into the bull's flesh;
4. The use of banderillas is an important part of traditional Spanish bullfighting;
5. Some animal rights activists criticize the use of banderillas in bullfighting as cruel and unnecessary.

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