Beholding example sentences

Related (10): gazing, watching, observing, examining, scrutinizing, surveying, inspecting, viewing, contemplating, beholding

"Beholding" Example Sentences

1. Upon beholding the beautiful sunset, I felt completely at peace.
2. Beholding the magnificent architecture of the cathedral, I was in awe.
3. He couldn't help but feel a sense of wonder while beholding the starry night sky.
4. Beholding the devastation caused by the hurricane, he felt a deep sadness.
5. With tears in her eyes, she beheld her newborn baby for the first time.
6. The students were left speechless upon beholding the amazing science experiment.
7. Beholding the majestic mountains in the distance, he felt humbled by their grandeur.
8. The tourists couldn't stop beholding the incredible beauty of the ocean.
9. Upon beholding the ruins of the ancient city, the historian wondered what events led to its destruction.
10. Beholding her best friend's wedding ceremony, Sarah was filled with joy and happiness.
11. The children were fascinated upon beholding the rare animal at the zoo.
12. Beholding the intricate details of the painting, the art critic was impressed.
13. She felt a sense of dread upon beholding the ghostly figure in the dark hallway.
14. Upon beholding the crime scene, the detective immediately started analyzing the evidence.
15. Beholding the vastness of the desert, he felt small and insignificant.
16. She was filled with gratitude upon beholding the volunteers who helped her community after the natural disaster.
17. The audience was spellbound upon beholding the talented dancers on stage.
18. His heart was filled with love upon beholding his wife's smiling face.
19. Beholding the vastness of the ocean, he pondered the mysteries that lay beneath.
20. The locals were proud upon beholding the newly renovated town square.
21. Beholding the mighty elephant in the safari, the tourists were amazed by its strength and beauty.
22. Seeing her childhood home again after many years, she beheld memories flooding back.
23. Beholding the threatening storm clouds, he knew he had to find shelter quickly.
24. Upon beholding the exotic bird at the pet store, he knew he had to have it.
25. She was filled with admiration upon beholding the bravery of the firefighter.
26. Beholding the sad look on her friend's face, Anna knew something was wrong.
27. The artist smiled upon beholding the painting that had taken her months to complete.
28. Beholding the beautiful gardens, he felt a sense of calm and serenity.
29. Upon beholding the giant redwood trees, the tourists were amazed by their age and size.
30. He was filled with joy upon beholding the immense crowd at his concert.

Common Phases

Beholding the beauty of nature; beholding the majesty of a mountain; beholding the vastness of the ocean; beholding the wonder of the universe; beholding the innocence of a child; beholding the power of a storm.

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