Call example sentences

Related (9): ring, phone, summon, beckon, dial, contact, notify, buzz, holler


[kôl] ✕ Play

call (verb) · calls (third person present) · called (past tense) · called (past participle) · calling (present participle)

  - give (an infant or animal) a specified name:

  - have a specified name:

  - address or refer to (someone) by a specified name, title, endearment, or term of abuse:

  - refer to, consider, or describe (someone or something) as being:

  - cry out (a word or words):

  - cry out to (someone) in order to summon them or attract their attention:

  - (of an animal, especially a bird) make its characteristic cry:

  - shout out or chant (the steps and figures) to people performing a square dance or country dance.

  - make (a particular bid) during the auction:

  - claim (a privilege) for oneself, typically by shouting out a particular word or set phrase:

  - contact or attempt to contact (a person or number) by phone:

  - use a phone to summon (someone or something, especially an emergency service or a taxi):

  - order or request the attendance of:

  - bring (a witness) into court to give evidence:

  - draw critical attention to someone's unacceptable actions or behavior:

  - cause (someone) to have a strong urge to choose a particular career or way of life:

  - announce or decide that (an event, especially a meeting, strike, or election) is to happen:

  - (of a person) pay a brief visit:

  - (of an umpire or other official in a game) pronounce (a ball, stroke, or other action) to be the thing specified:

  - predict the result of (a future event, especially an election or a vote):

  - guess (the outcome) of tossing a coin:

  - cause (a subroutine) to be executed:

  - a cry made as a summons or to attract someone's attention:

  - a series of notes sounded on a brass instrument as a signal to do something:

  - a direction in a square dance given by the caller.

  - a bid, response, or double:

  - the characteristic cry of a bird or other animal:

  - a device used to imitate the cry of a particular bird or other animal:

  - an instance of speaking to someone on the phone or attempting to contact someone by phone:

  - a brief social visit:

  - a visit or journey made by a doctor or other professional in response to a request for help, especially in an emergency situation:

  - an appeal or demand for something to happen or be done:

  - demand or need for (goods or services):

  - an order or request for someone to be present:

  - a vocation:

  - a powerful force of attraction:

  - (in sports) a decision or ruling made by an umpire or other official, traditionally conveyed by a shout, that the ball has gone out of play or that a rule has been breached:

  - a decision, judgement, or prediction:

  - a command to execute a subroutine:

  - a demand for payment of lent or unpaid capital.

  - short for call option

  - (in a bar, club, etc.) denoting or made with relatively expensive brands of liquor which customers request by name. Compare with well.


name, christen, baptize, designate, style, term, dub, label, entitle, denominate, name, title, entitle, dub, designate, term, address, label, tag, christen, baptize, nickname, denominate, cry, shout, yell, whoop, bellow, roar, halloo, bawl, scream, shriek, screech, exclaim, ejaculate, vociferate, cry, shout, yell, whoop, bellow, roar, halloo, bawl, scream, shriek, screech, exclaim, ejaculate, vociferate, phone, telephone, dial, get, reach, ring, summon, order, page, convene, summon, order, assemble, arrange, announce, declare, convoke, cry, shout, yell, whoop, roar, scream, shriek, exclamation, vociferation, cry, song, sound, ring, visit, appeal, request, plea, entreaty, demand, order, command, need, necessity, occasion, reason, justification, grounds, excuse, pretext, cause, demand, desire, want, requirement, market, summons, request, vocation, mission, summons, attraction, appeal, lure, allure, allurement, fascination, seductiveness, magic, beauty, spell, pull, draw, well

"Call" Example Sentences

1. I'll call you later.
2. Please call me if you need anything.
3. I received a call from a telemarketer this morning.
4. The boss called an emergency meeting.
5. I got a call from an unknown number.
6. They called off the game due to bad weather.
7. She called out sick from work today.
8. My parents called to check in on me.
9. The referee called a foul on the play.
10. We called ahead to make reservations.
11. I called out his name but he didn't respond.
12. They called an Uber to get home.
13. The teacher called on me to answer the question.
14. I have to call the plumber tomorrow.
15. My daughter called to wish me a happy birthday.
16. They called in a bomb threat at the library.
17. I'll give you a call later today.
18. My friend called to invite me to her party.
19. I got a call from an old colleague.
20. The usher called out "Fire in the hole!"
21. He called off our wedding at the last minute.
22. The doctor will call with your test results.
23. I called to confirm our appointment.
24. My cell phone has very low signal, so calls drop often.
25. I'm going to call my mother now.
26. Please give me a call when you have a chance.
27. The mechanic called and said my car is ready.
28. My son called from college to check in.
29. The cat always calls for food at dinnertime.
30. I need to call and cancel the order.
31. I'll try calling you back later.
32. Let's call it a day and head home.
33. I called ahead to let them know I was coming.
34. The referee called a time out.
35. Please don't call me during dinner time.
36. The baseball team called up several minor league players.
37. I need to call and make a doctor's appointment.
38. I called the dog but he wouldn't come inside.
39. I called an end to the endless debate.
40. The teacher called on the quietest student in class.
41. He called me names in front of everyone.
42. I called out to her but she didn't hear me.
43. The paramedics were called to the scene of the accident.
44. I called the pizza place but no one answered.
45. Please don't call me anymore.
46. Your host will call you shortly before the show.
47. I have to call my manager and let her know I'm running late.
48. They called off the game at halftime.
49. I'll give you a shout and call you later.
50. The airlines called to change my flight time.
51. I have to call in sick to work today.
52. The police were called to break up the fight.
53. Can you call an Uber for us?
54. I called his bluff and he backed down.
55. The fans were calling for the coach to be fired.
56. Don't bother calling me again.
57. They called the meeting to order.
58. I called home but no one answered.
59. They called off the vote due to lack of participation.
60. Let's call it even and move on.

Common Phases

1. I'll give you a call.
2. Call it a day.
3. Call it a night.
4. I'll call you back.
5. Call me old-fashioned.
6. Better safe than sorry, as they say.
7. Call it beginner's luck.
8. Easier said than done.
9. No news is good news.
10. Call a spade a spade.
11. Call it quits.
12. Each to their own.
13. Where there's a will there's a way.
14. Takes one to know one.
15. Time will tell.
16. Actions speak louder than words.
17. One man's trash is another man's treasure.
18. There's no such thing as a free lunch.
19. The early bird catches the worm.
20. The exception proves the rule.

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