Campaignings example sentences

Related (13): canvassing, electioneering, politicking, advertising, promoting, marketing, lobbying, advocacy, activism, propagandizing, mobilizing, rallying, organizing.

"Campaignings" Example Sentences

1. His campaignings have been impressive, but can he deliver on his promises?
2. The candidate's campaignings have sparked an intense interest among voters.
3. The successful campaignings of the opposition party led to a defeat of the ruling government.
4. She has been campaignings tirelessly for the welfare of her community.
5. The politician's campaignings were well-received by the constituents.
6. The campaignings of the volunteers were instrumental in achieving a high voter turnout.
7. There have been allegations of illegal financing of campaignings by some candidates.
8. The campaignings of the environmental activists resulted in a ban on plastic bags.
9. The incumbent's campaignings focused on his achievements in the past term.
10. The opposition party has launched a series of innovative campaignings to connect with the youth.
11. Despite his impressive campaignings, the candidate failed to win the election.
12. The campaignings of the non-profit organization helped raise awareness about climate change.
13. The candidate's campaignings were marred by controversies and scandals.
14. The success of their campaignings hinged on their ability to connect with the grassroots.
15. The election commission has strict rules regarding the funding of campaignings.
16. The opposition leader's campaignings centered on attacking the ruling government's policies.
17. The candidate's campaignings were focused on addressing the concerns of the elderly population.
18. Their campaignings led to the passage of a new law that protects the rights of minorities.
19. The politician's campaignings were backed by a team of dedicated volunteers.
20. The success of their campaignings was largely due to their innovative use of social media.
21. The ruling government's campaignings were aimed at maintaining their grip on power.
22. The candidate's campaignings emphasized the need for economic development in the region.
23. There were allegations of mud-slinging in the campaignings of both the parties.
24. The candidate's campaignings were criticized for being too negative and divisive.
25. The opposition party's campaignings were based on the issues of corruption and nepotism.
26. The incumbent's campaignings were criticized for lacking substance and vision.
27. The candidate's campaignings were based on a platform of transparency and accountability.
28. The success of their campaignings depended on their ability to mobilize the rural vote.
29. The ruling government's campaignings failed to address the concerns of the middle class.
30. The candidate's campaignings were marked by passionate speeches and fiery rhetoric.

Common Phases

1. Launching a new product; running a social media campaign; hosting a promotional event
2. Conducting market research; developing targeted messaging; creating a direct mail campaign
3. Identifying key influencers; developing a referral program; executing email marketing campaigns
4. Conducting a competitive analysis; creating a brand identity; launching a content marketing strategy
5. Developing a website redesign; optimizing for search engines; launching a pay-per-click advertising campaign

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