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net (noun) · nets (plural noun)

  - a length of open-meshed material made of twine, cord, rope, or something similar, used typically for catching fish or other animals:

  - a piece of open-meshed material supported by a frame at the end of a handle, used typically for catching fish or other aquatic animals or insects.

  - a structure consisting of a net supported on a frame, forming the goal in games such as soccer and hockey:

  - a length of open-meshed material supported on a cord between two posts to divide the playing area in various games such as tennis, badminton, and volleyball.

  - a safety net:

  - a fine fabric with a very open weave:

  - a means of catching someone; a trap:

  - a system or procedure for selecting or recruiting someone:

  - the internet:

  - a communications or broadcasting network:

  - a network of interconnected computers:

  - catch or land (a fish or other animal) with a net:

  - fish with nets in (a river):

  - acquire or obtain as if with a net:

  - (in sports) hit or kick (a ball or puck) into the net; score (a goal):

  - cover with a net:


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net (adjective)

  - (of an amount, value, or price) remaining after a deduction, such as tax or a discount, has been made. Often contrasted with gross.

  - (of a weight) excluding that of the packaging or container.

  - (of a score in golf) adjusted to take account of a player's handicap.

  - (of an effect or result) final or overall:

  - acquire or obtain (a sum of money) as clear profit:

  - return (profit or income) for (someone):

  - exclude a non-net amount, such as tax, when making a calculation, in order to reduce the amount left to a net sum:


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net (noun)

  - a unit of weight equal to 2,000 pounds avoirdupois (907.19 kg).

  - a unit of weight equal to 2,240 pounds avoirdupois (1016.05 kg).

  - short for metric ton

  - a unit of measurement of a ship's weight representing the weight of water it displaces, equal to 2,240 pounds or 35 cubic feet (0.99 cu m).

  - a unit of weight or volume of sea cargo, equal to a metric ton (1,000 kg) or 40 cubic feet.

  - a unit of gross internal capacity, equal to 100 cubic feet (2.83 cu. m).

  - an equivalent unit of net internal capacity.

  - a unit of refrigerating power able to freeze 2,000 pounds of water at 0°C in 24 hours.

  - a measure of capacity for various materials, especially 40 cubic feet of timber.

  - a large number or amount:


netting, meshwork, mesh, webbing, tulle, fishnet, openwork, lace, lacework, latticework, lattice, trap, snare, toils, catch, capture, trap, entrap, snare, ensnare, bag, hook, land, gross, clear, final, gross, final, end, ultimate, concluding, closing, overall, actual, effective, earn, make, get, gain, obtain, acquire, accumulate, clear, pocket, realize, fetch, yield, raise, many, plenty, reams, ample, few, abundance, profusion, plethora, mine, store, treasury, copiousness, plenitude, amplitude, bounty, cornucopia, dearth, lack

"Net" Example Sentences

1. The fisherman's net was full of fresh catch.
2. The company's net profits increased this quarter.
3. He downloaded a movie using a torrent net.
4. The basketball player made a great net shot.
5. The gymnast climbed up the net rope.
6. The athlete wore a mesh net for protection.
7. The net weight of the package was 5 pounds.
8. She used a butterfly net to catch the pretty insects.
9. The business owner's net worth increased significantly.
10. The internet allows for global communication.
11. The tennis match ended with a net serve.
12. The spider spun a web using its sticky net.
13. The safety net program helped families in need.
14. The volleyball game was played on a sandy net.
15. The cargo net secured the valuable goods.
16. The mosquito net kept the bugs away.
17. The fisherman's net was torn from the heavy load.
18. The internet provides endless information.
19. The basketball hoop's net was torn from overuse.
20. The athlete was entangled in the net during the game.
21. The trawler's net caught a variety of sea life.
22. The internet has revolutionized the way we live.
23. The soccer goal net was made of sturdy material.
24. The artist created a sculpture out of fishing nets.
25. The accounting department calculated the net income for the year.
26. The tree frog leapt from the lily pad to the reed net.
27. The internet has opened up new career opportunities.
28. The company's net loss was expected after the investment.
29. The goal net was moved to the left for the second half of the game.
30. The trampoline's net enclosure kept the bouncers safely inside.

Common Phases

1. Net increase
2. Net loss
3. Net profit
4. Net worth
5. Net income
6. Net revenue
7. Net assets
8. Net liabilities
9. Net cash flow
10. Net sales
11. Net weight
12. Net pay
13. Net price
14. Net balance
15. Net result
16. Net gain
17. Net expense
18. Net quantity
19. Net return
20. Net margin

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