Coaxal example sentences

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"Coaxal" Example Sentences

1. The coaxial cable provided better signal transmission than other cables.
2. He installed a coaxial splitter to connect multiple devices to the TV.
3. The company offered a coaxial testing service to ensure a stable network connection.
4. The design of the amplifier made use of a coaxial architecture to increase efficiency.
5. The technician carefully measured the coaxial distance to avoid signal loss.
6. The coaxial speakers provided a high-quality audio experience.
7. The coaxial switch enabled seamless switching between different inputs.
8. The installation required the use of a specialized coaxial connector.
9. The coaxial coupler allowed the connection of two cables.
10. The network relied on a coaxial backbone to transfer data.
11. The company offered a variety of coaxial connectors to fit different devices.
12. The coaxial isolator prevented signal interference from outside sources.
13. The technician tested the coaxial cable to ensure it was working properly.
14. The viewer experienced excellent picture quality thanks to the coaxial cable.
15. The coaxial antenna provided access to a wide range of channels.
16. The installation required the use of a coaxial crimper to secure connections.
17. The company developed a new type of coaxial switch that improved efficiency.
18. The coaxial power amplifier provided high-output power in a small package.
19. The coaxial attenuator helped to reduce excess signal strength.
20. The design of the system was based on a coaxial architecture to minimize noise.
21. The technician used a coaxial stripper to remove the outer insulation layer.
22. The network relied on a high-quality coaxial cable to transfer data.
23. The coaxial splitter allowed multiple devices to be connected to the same input.
24. The coaxial coupler enabled the connection of different types of cable.
25. The viewer experienced a stable signal due to the use of a coaxial cable.
26. The system included a coaxial amplifier to boost weak signals.
27. The coaxial directional coupler helped to distribute signals to multiple areas.
28. The coaxial cable was carefully shielded to prevent interference from other sources.
29. The company provided a coaxial termination service to help remove unused cables.
30. The installation required a specialized tool to crimp the coaxial cable to size.

Common Phases

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- The TV antenna cable uses coaxial wiring; it's very reliable.
- The new speakers have a coaxial design; they deliver excellent sound quality.
- The internet connection requires a coaxial modem; make sure it's properly installed.
- The router has both coaxial and Ethernet inputs; you can choose which one to use.
- The coaxial interconnects are prone to interference; try shielding them from external sources.
- The satellite dish uses a coaxial cable to send signals; it needs a clear line of sight to the sky.
- The video camera has a coaxial output; you'll need an adapter to connect it to a standard monitor.
- The coaxial switch allows you to choose between different inputs; it's handy for A/B testing.
- The sound system has a coaxial digital input; it can handle high-quality audio signals.
- The coaxial splitter allows you to distribute the signal to multiple devices; it may degrade the quality slightly.

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