Colluders example sentences

Related (12): conspirators, accomplices, co-conspirators, collaborators, schemers, plotters, connivers, confederates, insiders, saboteurs, accessories, abettors

"Colluders" Example Sentences

1. The colluders of the heist were apprehended by the police.
2. The scandalous truth was exposed by the colluders themselves.
3. It was clear that the colluders were in cahoots with each other.
4. The colluders met in secret to plan their nefarious scheme.
5. The colluders denied any wrongdoing despite overwhelming evidence.
6. The colluders were punished with severe fines and jail time.
7. The report exposed the colluders for their illicit actions.
8. The colluders thought their scheme would go unnoticed, but they were wrong.
9. The colluders had a complicated web of dealings that took months to unravel.
10. The colluders were finally caught red-handed and had no excuses left.
11. The colluders tried to pin the blame on someone else, but it didn't work.
12. The colluders had a well-rehearsed plan, but it fell apart in the end.
13. The investigation showed that the colluders had been working together for years.
14. The colluders were shocked when the police raided their operation.
15. It was difficult to unravel the colluders' plan without a confession.
16. The colluders were eventually convicted, but the damage had already been done.
17. The colluders thought they had covered their tracks, but they overlooked a key piece of evidence.
18. The colluders had a network of accomplices who helped them carry out their scheme.
19. The colluders didn't realize the extent of their wrongdoing until it was too late.
20. The colluders were devious enough to hide their tracks well, but not well enough.
21. The colluders thought they were above the law, but justice prevailed in the end.
22. The colluders had promised each other anonymity, but one of them eventually cracked under the pressure.
23. The colluders had underestimated the intelligence of the investigators.
24. The colluders had a complex system in place to communicate without being detected.
25. The colluders had thought they had everything perfectly planned out, but they couldn't account for human error.
26. The colluders had only themselves to blame for their downfall.
27. The colluders had been getting away with their scheme for far too long.
28. The colluders were unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.
29. The colluders believed they could outsmart anyone, but they were proven wrong.
30. The colluders had created a web of lies that ultimately led to their undoing.

Common Phases

1. The colluders worked together to deceive their employer;
2. The authorities suspected that the business owners were colluders;
3. The colluders were caught red-handed during the investigation;
4. The evidence clearly pointed towards the collusion of the two parties;
5. It was a big shock for everyone when it was revealed that they were colluders;
6. The prosecutor accused the bank officials of being colluders;
7. Despite their denial, the colluders were found guilty of insider trading;
8. The shareholders were outraged when they found out about the colluders' activities.

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