Correctly example sentences

Related (10): accurately, precisely, properly, appropriately, rightly, faultlessly, impeccably, flawlessly, perfectly, aptly

"Correctly" Example Sentences

1. Please fill out the form correctly before submitting.
2. The books were stacked correctly on the shelf in alphabetical order.
3. The teacher corrected the students' homework to ensure it was completed correctly.
4. The computer program ran correctly without any errors.
5. The math problem was solved correctly using the proper steps.
6. You need to pronounce that word correctly for native speakers to understand you.
7. Please answer the question correctly if you know the answer.
8. I didn't correctly understand your explanation the first time.
9. The directions said to put the pieces together correctly before using the product.
10. The science experiment yielded the correct results when performed correctly.
11. The judge's ruling was based on the laws being interpreted correctly.
12. Many people mispronounce that common word incorrectly.
13. If you want full credit, you have to spell all the words correctly on the test.
14. The recipe turned out perfectly because I followed the instructions correctly.
15. The athlete performed the routine correctly to earn a high score.
16. The doctor diagnosed the illness correctly based on the patient's symptoms.
17. Please cite your sources correctly to avoid plagiarism.
18. The photograph developed correctly in the camera.
19. The witness testified to the events correctly as they happened.
20. When completing official forms, it is important to fill in all information correctly.
21. You need to assemble the furniture correctly for it to be stable.
22. You have to complete the math equation correctly to get the right answer.
23. The puzzle pieces fit together correctly to reveal the finished image.
24. Only 48 of the 100 students answered the test questions correctly.
25. The minutes from the last meeting were approved as correctly reflecting what transpired.
26. The directions said to connect the USB cord correctly for it to work properly.
27. Memorizing the spelling of words does not necessarily mean you know how to use them correctly in sentences.
28. Please select the correct answer from the multiple choice options provided.
29. The alarm clock did not ring at the correct time, so I overslept.
30. My keys were in the correct pocket where I always keep them.
31. The defendant claimed the police officer read him his Miranda rights incorrectly.
32. The referee ruled the goal would not count because the player touched the ball incorrectly.
33. The package arrived at the correct address even though the mailing label was smudged.
34. The teacher graded the student's essay incorrectly by giving it a much lower score.
35. The history book I read provided an incorrect account of the events that transpired.
36. The doctor diagnosed me correctly with a serious illness that required immediate treatment.
37. The alarm went off at the incorrect time since I had programmed it incorrectly.
38. We could not get into the stadium because we were at the incorrect entrance.
39. The military officer saluted his superiors correctly according to protocol.
40. The scientist measured the chemical reaction correctly to accurately record the data.
41. The headlines incorrectly reported that a local celebrity had died in a car crash.
42. My co-worker cited the source of my idea incorrectly in his presentation.
43. The GPS navigation system directed us to the incorrect destination due to a map error.
44. The students were able to identify the parts of speech correctly in the passage.
45. The traffic officer will issue a ticket if you do not correctly obey the rules of the road.
46. The reporter published an incorrect version of the events in the front-page article.
47. You need to position the bones correctly for the mannequin to stand up properly.
48. The golfer addressed the ball incorrectly which resulted in a terrible swing.
49. The bank teller counted out the correct amount of money from the customer's withdrawal.
50. I inserted the USB drive correctly into the computer on the first try.
51. The recipe failed because I incorrectly measured the amount of several key ingredients.
52. I misread the directions and incorrectly assembled the toy, making it unworkable.
53. The teacher incorrectly marked the student's correct answer as wrong on the test.
54. You have to follow the instructions correctly in order for the experiment to yield the expected results.
55. The jokes were not funny because the punchlines were formed incorrectly.
56. You must sew the pattern pieces together correctly for the garment to fit properly.
57. The patient's symptoms indicated that the diagnosis was incorrect.
58. The referee blew the whistle when he incorrectly believed the ball had gone out of bounds.
59. I incorrectly remembered my old friend's phone number after not talking to him for years.
60. I plugged the charger into the correct outlet on the first try.

Common Phases

1. Spell correctly
2. Pronounce correctly
3. Follow instructions correctly
4. Fill out forms correctly
5. Cite sources correctly
6. Measure ingredients correctly
7. Assemble parts correctly
8. Diagnose illnesses correctly
9. Identify parts of speech correctly
10. Solve math problems correctly

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