Use example sentences

Related (7): utilize, employ, apply, leverage, exploit, wield, harness.

"Use" Example Sentences

1. Please use your indoor voice.
2. You should use sunscreen when outside.
3. I use that app all the time.
4. We need to use our resources wisely.
5. Do you use this software often?
6. I used to play that game when I was younger.
7. They refuse to use modern technology.
8. I'll try to use less paper in the future.
9. We should use more renewable energy sources.
10. Do you use social media regularly?
11. The athlete used performance-enhancing drugs.
12. The computer uses a lot of power.
13. I don't really use that brand of toothpaste.
14. We've been using this furniture for years.
15. He started using a plant-based diet.
16. They use calligraphy on the invitations.
17. Please use common sense when making decisions.
18. Make sure you use proper lifting techniques.
19. You can use my equipment anytime.
20. They don't use public transportation very often.
21. We use the metric system at work.
22. The product uses motion sensors for detection.
23. I don't really use a laptop anymore.
24. He can no longer use his right arm.
25. I use the public library once a month.
26. Let me use your charger for a bit.
27. They refuse to use cursive in school anymore.
28. We don't really use that feature.
29. He deserves to use whatever he wants.
30. I don't use the internet much these days.
31. They use anonymous sources in the article.
32. The machine uses an electric motor.
33. Please use a coaster under your drink.
34. Stop using excuses and start taking action.
35. I can't use my phone anymore since it broke.
36. I'll try to use less harsh language in the future.
37. I need to use the restroom.
38. I plan to use my vacation days next month.
39. They use encryption to secure their data.
40. You can use whatever ingredients you want.
41. Please don't use such harsh words.
42. They use sophisticated techniques for treatments.
43. You should use a better password.
44. I don't really use most social media platforms.
45. The product uses natural ingredients.
46. I don't really use chopsticks very well.
47. The vehicle uses an electric motor.
48. She began using a wheelchair after her accident.
49. We need to use our resources more efficiently.
50. I don't use makeup on a daily basis.
51. He refuses to use email in favor of letters.
52. She started using a wheelchair after her accident.
53. They use a drone to survey the area.
54. I don't really use name brands very often.
55. They use organic farming methods.
56. Let's use this time to brainstorm ideas.
57. Please use a lower volume when watching TV.
58. We need to use less water in the garden.
59. The software uses artificial intelligence.
60. I don't really use rideshare apps personally.

Common Phases

1. Make good use of your time.
2. Use it or lose it.
3. Practice makes perfect.
4. Easy come, easy go.
5. Necessity is the mother of invention.
6. Waste not, want not.
7. Variety is the spice of life.
8. Good things come to those who wait.
9. Better late than never.
10. Out of sight, out of mind.
11. Never judge a book by its cover.
12. Actions speak louder than words.
13. The customer is always right.
14. Leave no stone unturned.
15. What goes around comes around.

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