Curtly example sentences

Related (8): abruptly, brusquely, tersely, bluntly, laconically, impolitely, gruffly, snappishly

"Curtly" Example Sentences

1. He responded to my greeting curtly and walked away.
2. The manager dismissed my proposal curtly without any discussion.
3. The security guard waved me through the gate curtly without making eye contact.
4. The impatient boss spoke curtly to his employees, with little tolerance for questions.
5. My mother scolded me curtly for being late.
6. The receptionist answered my questions curtly and impatiently.
7. The librarian responded to my request curtly, making it clear she was busy.
8. My landlord replied to my email curtly, giving only a one-word answer.
9. The teacher spoke curtly to the disruptive student.
10. The flight attendant dismissed my complaint curtly and abruptly.
11. My roommate snapped at me curtly when I tried to talk to them.
12. The doctor examined me curtly and left the room without explaining anything.
13. The mechanic diagnosed the problem curtly and quickly moved on to the next customer.
14. The hotel clerk responded to my question curtly before turning away to help the next guest.
15. The tired waitress took our order curtly and left without a word.
16. The nurse administered my injection curtly and left the room without a goodbye.
17. The judge addressed the defendant curtly before passing down the sentence.
18. The reporter's question was brushed aside curtly by the politician's spokesperson.
19. Mom spoke sharply to us kids, chiding us curtly for fighting.
20. My coworker's emails were always curt and dismissive.
21. The officer issued me a traffic ticket curtly without explanation.
22. His date cut their evening short after he spoke curtly to the waiter.
23. The coach criticized the player curtly before dismissing him from practice.
24. The diplomat rebuffed my greetings curtly before walking briskly away.
25. My demand for an apology was dismissed curtly, which only upset me further.
26. The bouncer told me curtly that the club was closed for the night.
27. The teacher curtly dismissed my attempts to argue my grade.
28. The cab driver spoke curtly, refusing to make small talk during the ride.
29. The stranger responded to my question curtly and walked on without explanation.
30. The rude salesperson answered my inquiries curtly and impatiently.
31. Grandma chided me curtly for eating cookies before dinner.
32. The customer responded curtly and angrily to my sales pitch.
33. The cop gave me a ticket curtly and without explanation for the infraction.
34. The gruff professor dismissed my concerns curtly and moved on to the next topic.
35. My request for assistance was met with a curt response before the line went dead.
36. The rude waiter took our order curtly and returned with our food just as hastily.
37. I was chastised curtly for missing the deadline.
38. The supervisor corrected my work curtly and without any helpful feedback.
39. My sister snapped at me curtly for borrowing her things without asking.
40. The concierge dismissed my question curtly and moved to help the next guest.
41. The cranky neighbor responded curtly to my greeting before shutting the door.
42. The interviewer cut me off curtly during my answer and moved on to the next question.
43. The email response from customer service was blunt and curt, lacking any empathy.
44. The argumentative coworker responded curtly to any attempt at discussion.
45. My date abruptly brushed off my question, responding curtly before returning to his phone.
46. The rude clerk dismissed my question curtly and turned to help another customer.
47. The supervisor criticized my work curtly before walking away without further comment.
48. The old man brushed past me curtly on the sidewalk without apology.
49. The judge spoke sternly and curtly as she passed down the guilty verdict.
50. The cranky toddler snapped at me curtly for coming between him and his toy.

Common Phases

1. He dismissed her request curtly.
2. She spoke to him curtly.
3. The supervisor corrected the employee curtly.
4. The manager responded curtly to the complaint.
5. The stranger brushed past him curtly.
6. The guard waved them through curtly.
7. The customer snapped at the salesperson curtly.
8. The teacher admonished the student curtly.
9. The cop replied to her question curtly.
10. The doctor examined the patient curtly.

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