Disgrace example sentences

Related (7): shame, dishonor, humiliation, indignity, embarrassment, discredit, stigma


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disgrace (noun)

  - loss of reputation or respect as the result of a dishonorable action:

  - a person or thing regarded as shameful and unacceptable:

  - bring shame or discredit on (someone or something):

  - fall from favor or lose a position of power or honor:


dishonor, shame, ignominy, discredit, degradation, disrepute, infamy, scandal, stigma, odium, opprobrium, obloquy, condemnation, vilification, contempt, disrespect, disapproval, disfavor, disapprobation, humiliation, embarrassment, strife, disesteem, reprobation, derogation, unpopular, honor, glory, scandal, outrage, discredit, reproach, affront, insult, stigma, brand, credit, shame, dishonor, discredit, degrade, debase, defame, stigmatize, taint, sully, tarnish, besmirch, stain, blacken, smirch, besmear, spot, honor, discredited, shamed, humiliated, discredit, dishonor, defame, disparage, stigmatize, reproach, censure, blame, humiliate, mortify, embarrass, chasten, humble, demean, honored, respected, honor, Legal

"Disgrace" Example Sentences

1. His actions were a disgrace to his family and community.
2. The broken-down building had become a disgrace to the neighborhood.
3. The negligent parents were a disgrace and danger to their own children.
4. The spoiled produce was a disgrace to the store's reputation for quality.
5. The company's lack of ethics was a disgrace in the business world.
6. The dirty public bathrooms were a disgrace to the city.
7. His rude and violent behavior brought disgrace on his team and school.
8. The official corruption scandal was a disgrace to the whole government.
9. His criminal activities have brought disgrace upon his entire family.
10. The ruined landscaping had become a disgrace to the estate.
11. The poorly organized event was a disgrace and embarrassment to the organizers.
12. His conduct led to his dishonorable discharge and disgrace from the military.
13. She fled in disgrace after her lies and deception were exposed.
14. His failures brought public humiliation and disgrace.
15. The large number of mistakes reflected disgracefully on the whole team's performance.
16. The outdated textbooks were a disgrace to the school.
17. His unethical business practices have brought disgrace to his company's reputation.
18. Firing the disgraced executive was an attempt to distance the company from scandal.
19. The house was in such disrepair that it had become a disgrace to its former beauty.
20. The ruined garden had become a disgrace to the neighborhood.
21. The players brought disgrace on the team through their poor sportsmanship.
22. The cracked and pitted road surface was a disgrace.
23. Her dishonesty has heaped disgrace upon her once-good name.
24. The players brought disgrace upon themselves and the team through cheating.
25. The negligent homeowner allowed her property to fall into disgraceful disrepair.
26. The broken windows and graffiti made the abandoned building an eyesore and disgrace.
27. The poorly behaved child brought disgrace upon his parents.
28. The poorly organized shelves were a disgrace to the store's image.
29. The house had fallen into such disrepair that it was now an embarrassment and disgrace.
30. His gambling addiction had brought him and his family to disgrace.
31. The rundown facilities were a disgrace to the community.
32. She has lived in disgrace ever since the scandal broke.
33. His cheating in the exam brought him public disgrace.
34. The team's poor sportsmanship brought disgrace upon the whole school.
35. The outdated computer system was a disgrace to the research institute.
36. She left her husband in disgrace after the affair came to light.
37. Their corporate malfeasance brought public disgrace and destruction of the company.
38. The broken furniture and peeling paint made the place a disgrace.
39. The neglected cemetery had become a disgrace to the community's history.
40. The firing was an attempt to distance the company from the employee's disgraceful behavior.
41. The slum conditions brought disgrace upon the city government.
42. The shoddily built plane resulted in loss of life and disgrace for the manufacturer.
43. His plagiarism brought public disgrace and expulsion from university.
44. She lived the rest of her life in disgrace after her crimes were revealed.
45. The disgraced Olympian was stripped of his medals following doping allegations.
46. The lackadaisical employee's shoddy work reflected disgracefully on her team.
47. The employee was fired in disgrace amid allegations of criminal misconduct.
48. The scandal brought public embarrassment and disgrace upon the entire organization.
49. The poorly planned conference was a disgrace and embarrassment to the staff who organized it.
50. He fled the country in disgrace after the severity of his crimes became apparent.
51. The crumbling facilities were a disgrace to a once-great institution.
52.The disgraced actor's career was left in tatters following his criminal conviction.
53. The decay and dilapidation had turned the historic home into a disgrace.
54. The disgraced banker lost his job, reputation and savings in the financial scandal.
55. The decay and deterioration had turned the once-beautiful park into a disgrace.
56. The failed project brought public disgrace and ridicule upon those responsible for it.
57. His stupid mistake brought disgrace upon his friends and family as well.
58. The disgraced politician resigned in humiliation following the sexting scandal.
59. The scandal brought public shame and disgrace upon the organization.
60. The shabby treatment of customers was a disgrace to the store's reputation for service.

Common Phases

1. It's a disgrace how he treats his employees.
2. The conditions in that prison are an utter disgrace.
3. Their laziness and sloppiness is a disgrace to the company name.
4. Their behavior at the restaurant was a disgrace.
5. The state of that neglected garden is a disgrace.
6. The slums and poverty in the city are a disgrace to modern society.
7. The level of homelessness is a national disgrace.
8. it was a disgrace how he forgot her birthday.
9. What you said to her was a disgrace. Apologize immediately!
10. His grades this semester have been a disgrace.
11. That doesn't meet company standards, it's a disgrace. Do it again.
12. The educational system in this country has become a disgrace.
13. The poverty rate among children in the US is a disgrace.
14. The filthy alleyways and piles of trash are a disgrace to the town.
15. His lack of manners is an absolute disgrace.
16. That crooked politician is a disgrace to public office.
17. The corrupt government officials are a disgrace to the country.
18. She considered dumping her boyfriend to be a disgraceful act.
19. The outdated computers are a disgrace to such an important institution.
20. The traffic deaths are a disgrace to any civilized society.
21. The way she ignores her children is nothing short of a disgrace.
22. His desperation for money has become quite a disgrace.
23. The decay of that historic house would be a disgrace to the neighborhood.
24. The dilapidated buildings would be a disgrace in any big city.
25. The poorly written code is an utter disgrace.
26. For years the broken sidewalks have been a disgrace and safety hazard.
27. The terrible customer service is simply a disgrace for such a large company.
28. His failure to provide for his family is a disgrace.
29. It's a disgrace how the police overlook crime in that area.
30. The criminal actions have brought disgrace upon his family's name.
31. She hoped abandoning her son would not bring her family disgrace.
32. His rude behavior at the funeral brought disgrace to himself and his family.
33. History will view that war as a national disgrace.
34. Deciding not to help those in need would be a disgrace to human compassion.
35. Her lies and deceit have brought nothing but disgrace.
36. The blatant corruption will only bring their government further disgrace.
37. The lack of infrastructure improvements will only bring the region more disgrace.
38. That rule violation could bring serious disgrace down upon his team.
39. He wanted to avoid bringing his family name into disgrace.
40. Her dishonest actions have brought nothing but disgrace upon herself.
41. The despicable crime has brought great public disgrace upon him.
42. That deplorable decision will only bring further disgrace.
43. She lived in fear of ever bringing personal disgrace upon her newlywed husband.
44. The indecent proposal would bring only shame and disgrace.
45. His actions have left him living with a life of disgrace.
46. Bribery would forever cast disgrace upon his career.
47. Her dishonesty and infidelity have left their marriage steeped in disgrace.
48. The scandalous affair cast a shadow of disgrace over the whole family.
49. The offense was considered a disgraceful defeat.
50. He would rather die than live a life of disgrace.
51. She was determined not to leave this world in disgrace.
52. Her past mistakes still haunted her with feelings of disgrace.
53. He lived with the disgrace of his crime for the rest of his life.
54. History will forever remember that failure as a stain of disgrace.
55. His reputation lay in disgrace because of his scandalous behavior.
56. She fled the country to escape the disgrace of the criminal accusations.
57. The town lay in ruins, a monument to its owner's disgrace.
58. His conduct has earned him nothing but disgrace.
59. To give up now would be an act of disgrace.
60. She fought against living the rest of her life in disgrace.

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