Distortion example sentences

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"Distortion" Example Sentences

1. The photo showed a serious facial distortion due to the lens distortion.
2. Distortions in the sound system made the music sound tinny and unclear.
3. Her memory of events suffered from serious distortions and inaccuracies.
4. The power fluctuations caused distortions and interference in the signal.
5. Time seemed to distort as I stood staring at the empty seat.
6. Static or other noise can cause distortion in an audio signal.
7. Distortion of facts and exaggeration led to problems.
8. The inaccurate news report contained many distortions and half-truths.
9. The wooden panelling suffered from warping and distortion due to damp conditions.
10. Excessive heat caused the plastic framing to lose its shape and become distorted.
11. Emotional attachments can cause perceptual distortions in close relationships.
12. Distortions of the events were commonplace in the propaganda posters.
13. The old mirror distorted his image, stretching him taller and thinner than he was.
14. Distortions in the lens made straight lines appear curved in the photo.
15. The heat wave warped the metal railings and caused distortion in the paneling.
16. Perceptual distortions plague those suffering from cognitive decline.
17. The poor connection caused audio distortions and interruptions in the call.
18. Her recollections of childhood suffered from serious distortions and inaccuracies.
19. Distortions in memory can make events seem longer or shorter than they actually were.
20. The speaker's voice suffered from serious distortion due to feedback in the system.
21. The powerful binoculars warped the image and caused significant optical distortion.
22. The loudspeaker produced significant distortions at high volume levels.
23. Propaganda posters often featured extreme distortions of facts to serve an agenda.
24. Political cartoons often rely on distortion and exaggeration for effect.
25. The lens suffered from serious barrel distortion, curving straight lines outwards.
26. Heat, moisture and age led to distortions in the wooden floors.
27. Excessive bass caused distortions in the audio through the subwoofer.
28. The memory distortions made the retelling of events confusing and disjointed.
29. Perceptual distortions plague those suffering from visual distortions.
30. The damaged vinyl record had serious distortions, pops and needle skips.
31. Police sketches often distort witnesses' memories of events and appearances.
32. Pressure on the lens caused visible pincushion distortion in the photo.
33. Distorted self-perception can lead to problematic behaviors.
34. The panoramic photo featured serious mustache distortion around the edges.
35. The audio amplifiers introduced significant distortion into the sound system.
36. Exaggerations and distortions are common in political advertising.
37. Lens distortion can make buildings appear to lean in architectural photography.
38. The damaged graphics card caused serious visual distortions on the monitor.
39. Rumors and conspiracy theories often thrive on distortions and exaggerations.
40. Distortions of time perception are common in traumatic memories.
41. Severe acoustic distortions marred the singer's crooning voice.
42. Heat, moisture and time led to serious pincushion distortion in the wallpaper.
43. Excessive noise in the signal caused audible distortion in the recording.
44. Distortions often arise from biases and preconceived notions.
45. Edge distortion plagued the panoramic photo due to limitations in lens technology.
46. Harmful self-perceptions and distorted self-images can harm well-being.
47. Visual distortions plague those suffering from migraines and seizures.
48. Vocal distortions and feedback marred the singer's otherwise lovely performance.
49. The sound system produced annoying distortions at high volume levels.
50. Sedative drugs can cause time distortion and fragmentary memories.

Common Phases

1. The image was blurred due to lens distortion.
2. The loud music caused hearing distortion in my ear.
3. His memories of the event were plagued with emotional distortion.
4. The politician's speech contained many factual distortions.
5. The view became obscured by atmospheric distortion.
6. Listen closely for any intentional distortions of the truth.
7. The film depicted a grotesque distortion of reality.
8. The damaged microphone caused audio distortion.
9. The electrical interference caused electromagnetic distortion.
10. The funhouse mirror produced distorted reflections.
11. The warped wooden floor caused geometric distortions.
12. The glasses helped correct my visual distortion.
13. The turbulent water surface caused ripple distortions.
14. His writing displayed a distorted interpretation of historical events.
15. Price controls often create market distortions.
16. The stock market crash had wide-reaching distortions throughout the economy.
17. Optical character recognition often fails due to image distortion.
18. Perceptual distortions can occur under the influence of drugs.
19. The distorted guitar sound was created using an effects pedal.
20. The bent frame created structural distortions in the sculpture.
21. Heat distortion caused the plastic cover to warp.
22. Light interference produced ray distortion in the photograph.
23. The astigmatism caused visual distortions at the edge of objects.
24. Distorted perceptions can arise from confirmation bias.
25. Radio waves are distorted as they pass through the ionosphere.
26. The politician tried to explain away the factual distortions in the report.
27. The extreme close-up produced a funhouse mirror distortion of his facial features.
28. Her dreams were filled with emotional distortions and anxieties.
29. The failing microphone amplified background noises and distortions during the live broadcast.
30. The funhouse room produced extreme distortions of shape, size and proportions.
31. Degraded signals result in transmission and decoding distortions.
32. The camera lens suffered from chromatic distortion, splitting images into rainbow colors.
33. Perceptual distortions can occur during hallucinations.
34. The television picture was afflicted with severe ghosting distortions.
35. The earthquake caused structural distortions in the buildings.
36. Volume distortions in the audio recording made it difficult to understand.
37. Phase distortion in the speakers produced an unclear sound.
38. Distortions in economic data can lead to inaccurate policy decisions.
39. The heat wave caused slight thermal distortions in glass windows.
40. The funhouse hall induced distortions of depth, gravity and scale.
41. Magnetic storms can distort radio transmissions.
42. Her view of history is plagued with nationalistic distortions.
43. Personal biases often lead to cognitive distortions.
44. The deformed mirror created weird body proportion distortions.
45. The extreme wide-angle lens produced a barrel distortion effect.
46. Chemical alterations degraded the old photo, distorting faces and shapes.
47. The bent arrow pointed in a distorted direction.
48. Frequency distortion marred the high notes of her singing voice.
49. The poor cable connection caused signal distortion.
50. The shouting made his voice utter distorted sounds.
51. The car speakers produced tinny, distorted bass notes.
52. The scratched lens caused pincushion distortion in the photo.
53. Melted plastic produced heat distortions in the shape of the toy.
54. His view of history was severely skewed by political distortions.
55. Weather damage caused slight waviness distortions in the window glass.
56. Perspective distortion made the people in the background look small.
57. The earthquake caused subtle facade distortions in the old buildings.
58. The damaged DVD player produces audio distortions during loud music scenes.
59. His memory of the argument was plagued with anger distortions.
60. The bent toy truck had shape and proportion distortions.

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