Earmarkn example sentences

Related (12): appropriation, designation, allocation, setaside, label, tags, identification, reserve, direct, assign, indicate, specify

"Earmarkn" Example Sentences

1. The government has earmarked funds for the construction of new schools.
2. They will earmark this area of the forest for conservation purposes.
3. We need to earmark a portion of our budget for marketing expenses.
4. The company needs to earmark resources for improving their customer service.
5. The city council agreed to earmark funds for upgrading the public transport system.
6. The organization will earmark donations to assist the homeless population.
7. The committee has earmarked specific projects to allocate the grant money.
8. The university will earmark scholarships for underprivileged students.
9. We should earmark some time during the meeting to discuss this topic.
10. His success in the competition will likely earmark him for future leadership roles.
11. The company will earmark part of its profits for charitable donations.
12. The government plans to earmark land for affordable housing developments.
13. The team captain will earmark players for specific positions during the game.
14. The library will earmark funds for purchasing new books and materials.
15. The company will earmark resources for expanding their international business.
16. The scholarship committee will earmark funds to support education programs.
17. The city will earmark resources for cleaning up litter in the parks.
18. The hospital will earmark funds for medical research and development.
19. The organization will earmark funds to provide aid for natural disaster victims.
20. The government will earmark resources for improving infrastructure in rural areas.
21. The company will earmark funds to launch a new product line.
22. The nonprofit will earmark resources to support local volunteer programs.
23. The committee will earmark a certain number of seats for VIP guests.
24. The museum will earmark funds to acquire new exhibits for the collection.
25. The hotel will earmark rooms for special events and conferences.
26. The sports team will earmark players for specific roles based on their strengths.
27. The charity will earmark donations to provide food and shelter for the homeless.
28. The startup will earmark resources to develop a new app for the market.
29. The university will earmark funds to support faculty research and development.
30. The city will earmark resources to improve public safety and emergency response.

Common Phases

1. We need to earmark some funds for the new project;
2. The committee agreed to earmark a portion of the budget for community outreach;
3. The government has earmarked funds for healthcare initiatives;
4. We should earmark some time for team building exercises;
5. The donor requested that the funds be earmarked for education programs;
6. The company earmarked a budget for employee training;
7. Let's earmark some funds for advertising and marketing efforts;
8. The budget proposal includes earmarking funds for infrastructure improvement;
9. The board decided to earmark a portion of the profits for charitable donations;
10. The grant stipulates that the funds must be earmarked for research purposes.

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