Ectopion example sentences

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"Ectopion" Example Sentences

1. The patient was diagnosed with ectropion, a condition where the lower eyelid turns outward.
2. The surgeon corrected the ectropion by tightening the muscles and skin surrounding the eyelid.
3. The ectropion caused the patient's eyes to be very dry and uncomfortable.
4. Ectropion can be caused by age-related changes, previous surgeries, or facial nerve damage.
5. The ectropion made it difficult for the patient to properly close their eyes.
6. The ectropion surgery was successful and the patient's eyes looked more normal.
7. The patient's ectropion was so severe that their eye was constantly exposed to the air and debris.
8. The surgeon recommended the use of eye drops to help with the patient's dry eye symptoms caused by the ectropion.
9. Ectropion can cause tearing, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision.
10. The patient had a congenital form of ectropion, meaning they were born with it.
11. The ectropion surgery required a small incision underneath the lower eyelid.
12. The ectropion was only present in the patient's right eye.
13. Ectropion can cause discomfort, redness, and irritation.
14. The patient's dry eye symptoms were greatly improved after the ectropion surgery.
15. The doctor recommended using warm compresses to help soothe the patient's ectropion.
16. The ectropion made it difficult for the patient to wear contact lenses.
17. The patient's ectropion was caused by a previous skin cancer surgery near their eye.
18. The surgeon used dissolvable sutures to close the incision after the ectropion surgery.
19. Ectropion can lead to corneal ulceration or infection if left untreated.
20. The patient's ectropion was causing them to have excessive tearing and discharge.
21. Ectropion can also be a side effect of certain medications.
22. The ectropion surgery required local anesthesia and took about 30 minutes to perform.
23. The patient's ectropion was partially corrected after the first surgery and required a second surgery to fully correct it.
24. The ectropion surgery had a relatively short recovery time of only a few days.
25. Ectropion can be diagnosed through a simple physical examination by an eye doctor.
26. The patient was very anxious before the ectropion surgery but the surgeon and staff made them feel comfortable and reassured.
27. The ectropion caused the patient's eye to look droopy and asymmetrical.
28. The patient's ectropion was causing them to have difficulty driving at night due to glare and halos around lights.
29. Ectropion is more common in older adults but can occur in younger individuals as well.
30. The patient was thrilled with the cosmetic result of the ectropion surgery and felt much more confident about their appearance.

Common Phases

1. The patient is experiencing ectopion of the lower eyelid;
2. Ectopion can occur as a result of aging;
3. Some patients may require surgery to correct ectopion;
4. Ectopion can cause discomfort and dryness of the eye;
5. Ectopion can also lead to tearing and blurred vision;
6. Ectopion can be diagnosed through a physical examination by a healthcare professional;
7. There are various treatment options available for ectopion, including eye drops and ointments;
8. The outlook for patients with ectopion is generally good with proper treatment.

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