Emitting example sentences

Related (10): emanating, radiating, discharging, exuding, issuing, releasing, diffusing, expelling, spreading, projecting

"Emitting" Example Sentences

1. The factory was emitting thick black smoke into the air.
2. The volcano was emitting lava and ash.
3. The fluorescent light was emitting a soft glow.
4. The radium in the paint was emitting harmful radiation.
5. The excited crowd was emitting loud cheers.
6. The campfire was emitting a pleasant orange glow.
7. The car headlights were emitting bright beams of light.
8. The laser was emitting a concentrated beam of energy.
9. The star was emitting infrared radiation into space.
10. The cellphone's screen was emitting blue light.
11. The plant was emitting a sweet fragrance.
12. The lamp was emitting a soft yellow light.
13. The machine was emitting a high-pitched whine.
14. The device was emitting electromagnetic waves.
15. The nebula was emitting a multicolored glow.
16. The electrical wire was emitting sparks.
17. The police siren was emitting a loud wailing sound.
18. The microwave oven was emitting radiation.
19. The fire was emitting heat and flames.
20. The frog's skin was emitting a mild toxin.
21. The young girl was emitting loud, high-pitched giggles.
22. The internet router was emitting a series of beeps.
23. The boiling tea kettle was emitting a loud whistle.
24. The leaky radiator was emitting hissing noises.
25. The electron microscope was emitting electrons.
26. The sun was emitting ultraviolet radiation.
27. The dog was emitting low, agitated growls.
28. The crowd was emitting a collective murmur of excitement.
29. The whale was emitting high-frequency whale calls.
30. The molecules were emitting infrared radiation.
31. The fireflies were emitting a yellow glow in the dark field.
32. The trumpet was emitting loud, cheerful notes.
33. The plasma television screen was emitting blue light.
34. The太空 shuttle rockets were emitting smoke and flames.
35. The power lines were emitting an electrical crackle.
36. The storm clouds were emitting crackling bolts of lightning.
37. The musical instrument was emitting pleasing tones.
38. The radio tower was emitting radio waves.
39. The LED lights were emitting a constant glow.
40. The xenon bulb was emitting pure white light.
41. The broken wire was emitting blue sparks.
42. The mobile device was emitting a loud beeping noise.
43. The sunshine was emitting warmth and cheer.
44. The glow stick was emitting green light.
45. The girl was emitting a high-pitched scream.
46. The mini pendulums were emitting musical tones.
47. The soapy bubbles were emitting colorful reflections.
48. The fluorescent lights were emitting an eerie glow.
49. The camera flash was emitting a bright burst of light.
50. The strobe light was emitting rapid bursts of light.
51. The computer fan was emitting a faint whirring sound.
52. The candle was emitting a flickering flame.
53. The rocks were emitting high levels of radiation.
54. The flashing strobe light was emitting pulsing flashes of light.
55. The photon gun was emitting an intense beam of light.
56. The LED signs were emitting annoyingly bright lights.
57. The radio tower was emitting electromagnetic interference.
58. The child was emitting cries of delight.
59. The melting ice cubes were emitting quiet pops and hisses.
60. The excited dog was emitting high-pitched barks of joy.

Common Phases

1. Emitting noises - making sounds, often those that are unwanted. Example: The baby was emitting weird noises from the next room.
2. Emitting fumes - releasing gaseous substances, usually into the air. Example: The factory was emitting dangerous fumes that polluted the nearby neighborhoods.
3. Emitting radiation - releasing energy in the form of rays or streams of particles. Example: The damaged x-ray machine was emitting unsafe radiation levels.
4. Emitting light - giving off visible light. Example: The fireflies were emitting a soft glow in the dark field.
5. Emitting heat - giving off thermal energy, making something hot. Example: The sun was emitting intense heat that made the desert landscape shimmer.
6. Emitting electrons - releasing subatomic particles with a negative charge. Example: The charged wire was emitting a stream of electrons.
7. Emitting sound - producing audible vibrations. Example: The radio was emitting loud music throughout the house.
8. Emitting smells - producing or giving off odors. Example: The field of ripe fruit was emitting sweet smells that attracted bees and flies.

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