Excellent example sentences

Related (11): Superb, Outstanding, Remarkable, Exceptional, Splendid, Terrific, Amazing, Fantastic, Fabulous, Brilliant, Impressive.

"Excellent" Example Sentences

1. She is an excellent student.
2. He gives excellent advice.
3. The teacher provided excellent feedback.
4. The restaurant has excellent food.
5. You've done an excellent job.
6. She gave an excellent presentation.
7. They have excellent customer service.
8. The movie received excellent reviews.
9. He has an excellent memory.
10. They made excellent progress this year.
11. She sang with excellent pitch and tone.
12. The hotel offers excellent amenities.
13. They had an excellent selection of wines.
14. The orchestra performed with excellent precision.
15. He has excellent communication skills.
16. She wrote an excellent essay.
17. The school has an excellent academic program.
18. The researchers made excellent use of data.
19. The school has an excellent track record for college placements.
20. They enjoyed an excellent meal at the restaurant.
21. He shows excellent work ethic.
22. They offer excellent customer service.
23. The book provides excellent insight into the topic.
24. The doctor has an excellent bedside manner.
25. The athletes achieved excellent results this season.
26. She produced excellent results in her research.
27. The toddler has excellent motor skills for his age.
28. They have an excellent selection of products.
29. The clinic has excellent facilities and equipment.
30. The chef specializes in excellent French cuisine.
31. Their wines have excellent balance and complexity.
32. She sings with excellent tone and resonance.
33. The mechanic provided excellent service.
34. He has an excellent credit rating.
35. Their stock has excellent growth potential.
36. The company has an excellent safety record.
37. The defense put up an excellent fight.
38. She showed excellent leadership skills.
39. The museum houses an excellent art collection.
40. The website has excellent usability and navigation.
41. The hotel provides excellent amenities and service.
42. The school offers excellent enrichment programs.
43. The beach has excellent views of the sunset.
44. The retiree enjoys excellent health in his old age.
45. The athletes displayed excellent sportsmanship.
46. The car has excellent fuel economy and reliability.
47. They designed an excellent system for tracking progress.
48. The comedian delivers excellent comedic timing and material.
49. The teacher provided excellent examples to illustrate the concept.
50. The store offers excellent customer loyalty programs.
51. The orchestra played with excellent dynamics and phrasing.
52. The software has an excellent user interface design.
53. The chef prepared an excellent assortment of appetizers.
54. The author wrote with excellent description and imagery.
55. The ambulance arrived with excellent response time.
56. The company has excellent brand recognition.
57. The appliance has excellent performance and durability.
58. The team achieved excellent results through hard work and determination.
59. Her paper demonstrated excellent critical thinking and analysis.
60. The novel featured excellent storytelling and character development.

Common Phases

1. An excellent choice
2. Excellent work
3. Excellent job
4. Have an excellent day
5. In excellent condition
6. In excellent health
7. To give excellent service
8. Achieve excellent results
9. Be in excellent spirits
10. Meet excellent standards
11. Demonstrate excellent skills
12. Have excellent potential
13. Deliver an excellent presentation
14. Produce excellent quality

15. Provide excellent customer service

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