Exception example sentences

Related (8): exclusion, anomaly, deviation, irregularity, quirk, variation, exemption, immunity


[ikˈsepSHən, ekˈsepSHən] ✕ Play

exception (noun) · exceptions (plural noun)

  - a person or thing that is excluded from a general statement or does not follow a rule:


anomaly, irregularity, deviation, departure, inconsistency, quirk, peculiarity, abnormality, oddity, outlier, misfit, Wikipedia

"Exception" Example Sentences

1. The policy allows for no exceptions.
2. Exceptions to the rule are rare.
3. No exceptions will be made under any circumstances.
4. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.
5. There are always exceptions to every rule.
6. This case seems worthy of an exception.
7. They made an exception for us this time.
8. The dean granted me an exception to the course requirements.
9. She requested an exception to the attendance policy.
10. The rule applies without exception.
11. Under no circumstances will we make an exception.
12. There will be no exceptions made for late work.
13. There are no exceptions to the zero-tolerance policy.
14. We make no exceptions, that is our policy.
15. The judge made an exception to the sentencing guidelines.
16. The coach made an exception and allowed me to play.
17. Exceptions were granted for medical and family emergencies.
18. I'm going to have to make an exception in this case.
19. I have no choice but to make an exception here.
20. I don't make it a habit to make exceptions to the rules.
21. You'll have to take it up with the boss if you want an exception.
22. Please make an exception this one time.
23. Exceptions will only be made for documented medical conditions.
24. She stood firm and refused to make any exceptions.
25. That case seems worthy of an exception to the normal protocols.
26. You'll have to fight hard to get an exception.
27. They rarely grant exceptions to that particular rule.
28. I'll have to request a formal exception in writing.
29. The principal denied my request for an exception.
30. We don't make exceptions to our health and safety policies.
31. An exception was made for the special needs student.
32. There will be no exception made for celebrities.
33. I wish they would make an exception just this once.
34. The exception proves the rule.
35. With few exceptions, everyone supported the decision.
36. He was the exception to the rule.
37. Exceptions to the protocol must be well documented.
38. The hiring manager seemed unwilling to make any exceptions.
39. I tried to plead for an exception but was denied.
40. Exceptions will only be made for verifiable extenuating circumstances.
41. They historically make very few exceptions to that rule.
42. Exceptions granted were for extreme hardship only.
43. The university rarely makes any exceptions for transfer credits.
44. Experience shows that exceptions often lead to further exceptions.
45. Exceptions test the strength and value of rules or principles.
46. Exceptions require a justification or legitimate reason.
47. The inflexible policy allowed for no possible exceptions.
48. Exceptions are made to benefit individuals not hinder the group.
49. Exceptions to the ban will be extremely limited.
50. The policy puts forth a zero-tolerance stance with no built-in exceptions.
51. Strictly limited legal exceptions are permitted under certain conditions.
52. Technology has enabled process automation with limited exceptions.
53. She strongly advocated for an exception in my particular case.
54. Exceptions carved out of broad policies should be narrowly tailored.
55. Ethical principles imply the rare need for carefully considered exceptions.
56. There was no compelling reason given to justify granting an exception.
57. Regrettably, legal precedents limit the ability to make reasonable exceptions.
58. Exceptional circumstances justify making an exception to the normal course.
59. I argued vigorously for an exception but to no avail.
60. Rare exceptions that prove the rule often do more harm than good.

Common Phases

1. Make an exception
2. With the exception of
3. No exceptions
4. Take exception to
5. There are always exceptions
6. The exception proves the rule
7. Make an exception to
8. Rule with no exception
9. Exceptions notwithstanding
10. Exception to the rule

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