Experimental example sentences

Related (10): innovative, avant-garde, untested, untried, original, pioneering, novel, trial, exploratory, new-fangled.

"Experimental" Example Sentences

1. The scientists conducted experimental trials to test their hypothesis.
2. The medicine is still in the experimental stage and has not been approved for human use.
3. The research team designed an experimental study to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.
4. The technology is still in its early experimental phase and has not been commercialized yet.
5. The study employed an experimental group that received the therapy and a control group that did not.
6. She entered all of her data into an experimental database system to test its functionality.
7. The initial results from the experimental treatment were promising.
8. The researchers used animal models in their experimental research before moving on to human trials.
9. The chemist developed new experimental compounds in the lab.
10. The musician created experimental music that defied conventional genres.
11. The psychologist conducted an experimental intervention with the students.
12. The museum has an exhibit showcasing modern art and experimental design.
13. The pharmaceutical company focused its research and development on experimental drugs.
14. The author's first novel was quite experimental in style and structure.
15. The teacher exposed her students to experimental learning techniques.
16. The film employed avant-garde and experimental cinematography techniques.
17. The software application is still in its early experimental stages.
18. The chefs created experimental flavors and presentations for the tasting menu.
19. The new drug received experimental approval by the FDA for testing in humans.
20. The architect is known for designing abstract and experimental buildings.
21. The university's experimental reactor is used for nuclear research.
22. He started an experimental garden to try out different planting methods.
23. The recipe called for experimental spices and seasonal ingredients.
24. The writer's latest book features experimental prose and fragmented structure.
25. The new play featured abstract and experimental scenes.
26. The surgeon performed an experimental surgical technique she had developed.
27. The scientist conducted an experimental study using cloned mice.
28. The professor taught an experimental seminar to a select group of honors students.
29. The spaceship's experimental engine allowed it to travel faster than light.
30. The artist exhibited her experimental multimedia installations at the gallery.
31. The fashion designer's latest line featured experimental cuts and fabrics.
32. The new teaching method had not been experimentally tested yet.
33. The software developer created an experimental app to gauge user interest.
34. They tested the experimental product in limited markets before mass production.
35. The experimental drug was still in the early stages of development.
36. The class read experimental literature that pushed the boundaries of form and content.
37. The students performed experimental calculations as part of their lab procedures.
38. The photographer employed experimental techniques in his darkroom.
39. The architecture firm is known for their experimental and futuristic designs.
40. The graduate program focused on experimental psychology and neuroscience research.
41. The theater group performed experimental plays that challenged traditional forms.
42. The physics lab conducted experimental studies on particle physics.
43. The design focused on experimental use of materials and forms.
44. The company created experimental products to gauge consumer demand.
45. The recipe called for experimental herbs and spices.
46. The charity funded experimental research that traditional grants did not support.
47. The exhibit showcased experimental art that pushed boundaries and defied convention.
48. The study employed an experimental design to test for causality.
49. The revisions to the plan were quite experimental and had not been tried before.
50. The inventor created an experimental prototype to demonstrate the feasibility of his idea.
51. The chamber music concert featured experimental works by modern composers.
52. The professor allowed her students to create experimental lesson plans to try out in class.
53. The lab conducted experimental animal studies to test new drug compounds.
54. The writer employed experimental techniques in her storytelling.
55. The classroom featured experimental teaching approaches and was stocked with the latest technology.
56. The director filmed the experimental scenes before revising the script based on audience reactions.
57. The scientists conducted experimental tests to validate their hypotheses.
58. The furniture designer created experimental pieces that pushed the boundaries of modern design.
59. The engineer built an experimental prototype to demonstrate the concept.
60. The movie featured an experimental storyline that subverted audience expectations.

Common Phases

1. The scientists conducted experimental trials to test their hypothesis.
2. They tested the experimental drug on mice to determine its safety and efficacy.
3. The research is still at an experimental stage and has not yet been validated.
4. The chef is known for her experimental cuisine featuring avant-garde flavors and textures.
5. The lab is used for experimental research on new medications.
6. The new flavor proved to be an experimental failure as customers did not like it.
7. The botanist observes numerous experimental plant species in the laboratory greenhouse.
8. The artists created an experimental sculpture combining organic and mechanical forms.
9. The band's new album features more experimental sounds and arrangements.
10. The film director is known for making avant-garde and experimental movies.
11. The university has a thriving culture of experimental theater and performance art.
12. The physicist conducts experimental work on quantum mechanics and particle physics.
13. The brewery is known for its experimental beer varieties with unusual flavors.
14. The marketing campaign was an experimental attempt to attract a younger demographic.
15. The television network has a show focusing on experimental cuisine and cooking techniques.
16. The prototype was an experimental model to test new technologies and design concepts.
17. The psychologist employs experimental techniques to study human behavior and cognition.
18. She has been conducting experimental trials for the past five years.
19. Most of their experimental findings have yet to be replicated.
20. The lab's work mainly focuses on experimental neuroscience and brain research.
21. The study employed a large sample size to increase the validity of the experimental results.
22. The writer is known for her experimental style that blends multiple genres of literature.
23. They want to test their hypothesis through experimental intervention.
24. The environmentalist monitors experimental efforts to reduce pollution.
25. The chef's experimental cuisine drew both praise and criticism from restaurant reviewers.
26. Their research findings challenged many traditional assumptions based on previous experimental studies.
27. The chemist developed new experimental techniques for analyzing molecular structures.
28. The artists create experimental work that blurs the lines between painting and sculpture.
29. The performance artists staged an experimental event in the middle of a busy intersection.
30. The writer employs experimental narrative techniques in her latest novel.
31. The film employs experimental cinematography techniques using nonconventional cameras and lenses.
32. The researchers designed an experimental study to compare the effects of two different interventions.
33. The data from the initial experimental trials was promising.
34. They created new experimental stimuli for the next phase of research.
35. The results of the experimental phase triggered a larger program of research.
36. The startup continues to experiment with business models and strategies.
37. Their experimental findings challenge long-held assumptions in the field.
38. The project aims to push the boundaries of what is experimentally possible.
39. The startup is testing experimental technologies to see if they can scale.
40. The advertisements featured experimental graphics and imagery.
41. The researchers are investigating the effects of the experimental drug.
42. The experimental design was intended to rule out confounding variables.
43. The new techniques were developed through years of experimental trial and error.
44. The research still needs to be replicated by other independent experimental studies.
45. They made several modifications to the experimental procedure based on early findings.
46. The musicians make highly experimental electronic music.
47. The artist is known for her experimental approach to painting.
48. The performance art piece employed experimental use of light, sound and video projection.
49. They participated in an experimental learning program during summer break.
50. The progressive school employs experimental teaching methods in the classroom.
51. The researchers are conducting experimental intervention programs to help at-risk youth.
52. The work of art employs experimental use of materials and forms.
53. The study employs a randomized experimental design.
54. The soup employs experimental flavors including harissa and smoky barbecue.
55. The researchers analyzed the experimental data for statistically significant patterns.
56. The team is reviewing the latest experimental findings.
57. The research led to important discoveries through experimental methodology.
58. The literature employs experimental narrative techniques.
59. The new app features experimental features and functionality.
60. The chefs serve highly experimental tasting menus at the restaurant.

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