Feasting example sentences

Related (8): Celebration, banquet, indulgence, merrymaking, revelry, abundance, gluttony, festivity.

"Feasting" Example Sentences

1. The tribes gathered for feasting and celebration.
2. The king declared a day of feasting and merriment for his subjects.
3. The guests arrived hungry and eager to start feasting.
4. The wealthy merchant spared no expense when it came to feasting his guests.
5. The villagers prepared a great feast, incorporating local ingredients.
6. The royal feast was a 10-course meal, featuring exotic dishes from all corners of the kingdom.
7. The children were busy feasting on candy and sweets at the birthday party.
8. The warriors returned from battle, tired but excited for the feasting that awaited them.
9. The hunters went out into the forest, hoping to gather enough food for a good feasting.
10. The entire village was invited to the yearly harvest feast, where there would be much feasting and celebrating.
11. The medieval banquet was a grand affair, complete with entertainment and feasting.
12. The holiday feast included a variety of dishes, but the main focus was on feasting on the roast turkey.
13. The family gathered around the table, feasting on Thanksgiving leftovers.
14. The travelers stumbled upon a village in the midst of feasting, and were welcomed with open arms.
15. The local chef put on a cooking demonstration, showcasing his skills in preparing feasting-worthy dishes.
16. The couple celebrated their anniversary with a romantic feasting experience at a fancy restaurant.
17. The pirates pillaged a ship full of food, and spent the next few days feasting on their loot.
18. The annual spring festival featured a massive outdoor feast, with people feasting under the trees.
19. The newlyweds were surprised with a special wedding feast, showcasing the local culture and feasting traditions.
20. The royal court was always in a state of feasting and indulgence, with the king and his guests enjoying the finest foods and wines.
21. The team celebrated their victory with a feasting-filled party that lasted well into the night.
22. The famine-stricken people were overjoyed when a caravan arrived with enough food for a feasting.
23. The fox snuck into the henhouse, and began feasting on the unsuspecting chickens.
24. The business tycoon threw a lavish feast for his investors, feasting on the finest caviar and champagne.
25. The holiday season was a time for feasting and gift-giving, with families coming together to celebrate.
26. The soldiers were delighted to be given a day of rest and feasting after months of grueling battles.
27. The baker created a jaw-dropping display of baked goods for the neighborhood feasting.
28. The feast was fit for a king, with roasted meats and savory stews to feast upon.
29. The innkeeper was accustomed to feasting dozens of travelers every night.
30. The restaurant offered a unique feasting experience, with multi-course tasting menus that explored different culinary regions.

Common Phases

1. We gathered together for feasting; the table was filled with savory dishes.
2. The village celebrated the harvest with feasting; everyone enjoyed the abundance of fresh produce.
3. The wedding reception was a grand feasting affair; guests indulged in delectable cuisine and wine.
4. The annual family reunion was a time for feasting; generations came together to share stories and favorite recipes.
5. The king hosted a banquet for his loyal subjects, a grand feasting event; entertainment and delicacies were aplenty.
6. The feast of Thanksgiving was a time for feasting and giving thanks; families and friends came together to share traditions and gratitude.
7. The holiday season was a time for feasting and celebrating; from Christmas to Hanukkah, meals and sweets were plentiful.
8. The medieval castle held a grand feast, a night of feasting for the noble families; music, dancing, and feasting lasted well into the night.

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