Folding example sentences

Related (10): origami, crease, collapsible, bend, tuck, wrap, hinge, accordion, double, crumple.

"Folding" Example Sentences

1. I carefully folded the paper into an origami crane.
2. The folding chair collapsed under his weight.
3. We sat around the folding table playing cards.
4. The mechanic adjusted the folding mirrors on the truck.
5. The stylist meticulously folded the towels before placing them on the shelves.
6. The photographer used the folding tripod to steady his camera.
7. I packed my folding umbrella into my suitcase.
8. The dining table had folding leaves that expanded it.
9. I put away my folding bicycle after riding to work.
10. She placed the freshly folded laundry into piles on the bed.
11. I closed the folding gate to keep my dog in the backyard.
12. I built the patio furniture out of folding aluminum.
13. The store display included various sizes of folding ladders.
14. The military officer snapped a crisp salute from the folding chair at the funeral.
15. He locked his folding pocketknife before putting it away.
16. The ramp was made of lightweight folding steel.
17. I kept my folding money in my wallet.
18. The woman sat by the window folding origami cranes from colored paper.
19. The real estate agent demonstrated how the sofa bed had a folding mechanism.
20. I set up the folding table and chairs for the outdoor party.
21. The camper packed a small folding shovel in her bag.
22. The scouts used folding canvas chairs for sitting around the fire.
23. The musician played a simple tune on her accordion-style folding keyboard.
24. He hung up his folding bicycle on the wall mount.
25. I opened up the folding map to find my destination.
26. The painter spread the dropcloth and placed the folding easel on it.
27. The metal folding chair was rusty and unstable.
28. The girl sat on the folding deck chair reading her book.
29. My suitcase had a builtin folding carr handle for easy transport.
30. The host set up the folding chairs in rows for the guests.
31. The woman sat on her front porch in the folding rocking chair.
32. They vacated the shelter as it began to collapse in on its folding metal frame.
33. The Acrobat balanced on a single folding chair during her performance.
34. I carefully ironed the linen napkins and placed them in a folded stack.
35. The camper stored his folding saw in the toolbox.
36. The soldiers marched into formation around the folding camp table.
37. I organized the folded fabric into piles according to color and material.
38. The woman demonstrated how to properly fold an American flag for display.
39. The shopkeeper packed up the folding stepladder at the end of each day.
40. They sat on the folding benches to watch the town parade.
41. I set up the folding table and card table for the potluck.
42. The shopkeeper dusted off the old folding display racks.
43. I stored my folding ruler in the school supplies drawer.
44. The map was on thick folded paper stock.
45. The hedgehog curled into a prickly folded ball for protection.
46. I stored my folded shirts neatly in the drawers.
47. We went through the box of old photos, unfolding and folding them as we reminisced.
48. The queen sat on her folded hands, waiting patiently on her throne.
49. The origami artist placed strips of colored paper into careful folded designs.
50. I unlocked the folding cart that held the cleaning supplies.
51. The scoutmaster shook out the folded tent tarp and began assembling the poles.
52. The instructor demonstrated the correct way to fold a fitted sheet.
53. The mechanical arms moved in a blur as they folded the cardboard boxes.
54. The office clerk stacked the folded brochures neatly on the table.
55. The boy artistically folded scraps of construction paper into abstract shapes.
56. I tossed the used balled-up tissues into the folding wastebasket.
57. The woman placed the folded diaper on the shelf to be reused.
58. She opened her sketchbook to a page filled with carefully folded paper polygons.
59. The child marveled at the colorful bursts of the store's folding fireworks.
60. The flag hung limp and unfolded from the pole during the storm.

Common Phases

1. I carefully folded the letter and placed it in the envelope.
2. The folding chair collapsed under his weight.
3. She sat at the table folding origami swans.
4. The woman sat on the airplane folding her jacket as a pillow.
5. He placed the freshly laundered clothes on the bed and began folding them.
6. The stacks of laundry towered on the folding table awaiting their turns to be folded and put away.
7. The campers gathered around the campfire while sitting on folding chairs.
8. We watched her expertly folding the dumplings and placing them in the steaming pot.
9. The folding screen provided some privacy for the patient in the busy hospital ward.
10. The sheets came out of the dryer warm and toasty, perfect for folding and putting away.
11. She meticulously folded the tissue paper around the gift before wrapping it.
12. They stared out the window of the bus at the green rolling hills, mountains folding into one another in the distance.
13. The children watched in wonder as the magician pulled a bright folding fan from his sleeve.
14. The soldiers sat on their folding cots, eagerly waiting to go home.
15. I carefully folded the t-shirts and pants and placed them in neat piles on the nightstand.
16. The nesting fledglings watched their mother carefully folding her wings over them to keep them warm.
17. We set up the folding table and chairs in the backyard for the barbecue.
18. The woman sat at the kitchen table folding laundry and listening to the radio.
19. The yard sale had lots of folding tables and folding chairs for sale.
20. The map was carefully folded and slipped into his knapsack.
21. The instructor demonstrated the proper method for folding an American flag.
22. The carpenter inspected the wooden folding ruler to make sure the measurements were accurate.
23. Her fingers moved swiftly as she folded the origami crane from the square of colored paper.
24. We set up the folding picnic table under the large oak tree.
25. The gym has a folding mat that can be used for floor exercises and yoga.
26. The window shades were drawn and the folding screen pulled across the room to block out the sun's glare.
27. The children helped fold up the large blankets and put them away in the linen closet.
28. The old man sat on the porch, slowly folding the newspaper as darkness fell.
29. He retrieved his wallet from the folding desk drawer.
30. The camping tent collapsed in on itself as it was folded for storage.
31. The blue folding chairs were quickly filling up with attendees of the lecture.
32. The folding camp stool provided a convenient place for him to sit by the campfire.
33. I watched as she expertly folded and stacked all of the napkins for the dinner service.
34. The bookstore shelves were stocked with shiny new folding maps.
35. The folding card table wobbled under the weight of the heavy telescope.
36. The paper fan felt cool as it slid smoothly through her folding and unfolding fingers.
37. The children sat down at the folding tables for lunch in the school cafeteria.
38. The screen door slammed behind him as he walked out to the clothesline to start folding laundry.
39. The folding door slid open easily to reveal the small balcony outside of the room.
40. She sat on the couch folding and unfolding the origami paper again and again as she thought.
41. The folding ruler hung neatly from the wall along with other measuring tools.
42. He carefully folded his dress shirts and placed them on the shelf in the closet.
43. The stagehands quickly folded and removed the chairs between acts of the play.
44. The origami swans she had folded sat in a perfect row on the windowsill.
45. The paper airplanes competed in distance as they soared and eventually folded into crumpled messes on the floor.
46. The children crowded around their grandmother as she showed them how to fold the paper fortune teller.
47. The folding doors opened onto the balcony where she liked to sit and read in the evenings.
48. The costumes were neatly hung and folded in the dressing room, awaiting the next performance.
49. I collected my freshly folded laundry from the huge pile at the laundromat.
50. The diagram demonstrated how to fold the paper crane in precise detail.
51. The girl carefully folded the dollar bill into an origami frog.
52. The dryer sheet scented warmth of freshly folded towels was heavenly.
53. The instruction manual demonstrated the proper method for folding up the stroller.
54. The folding ruler creased easily when bent as it aged.
55. The bedspread was neatly folded at the foot of the bed.
56. The spectator stands were filled with rows upon rows of folding chairs.
57. The painter carefully folded her drop cloth as she finished work for the day.
58. The soldier neatly folded his uniform and placed it in his footlocker.
59. The mapmaker proudly displayed her hand-drawn folding maps.
60. She skillfully folded the napkins into decorative shapes for the dinner party.

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