Foliated example sentences

Related (5): leafy, ribbed, grooved, layered, striated

"Foliated" Example Sentences

1. The foliated tree leaves in the autumn reminded her of a beautiful painting.
2. The ancient manuscript had intricate foliated designs on every page.
3. The designer used a foliated pattern on the wallpaper to create an elegant atmosphere.
4. The sculptor's masterpiece featured a detailed and beautifully foliated vine.
5. The museum was filled with stunning foliated sculptures from various time periods.
6. The florist used foliated ferns to add texture to the floral arrangement.
7. The castle had a grand staircase with foliated handrails that looked like works of art.
8. The wedding cake was adorned with delicate foliated designs made from sugar.
9. The garden was full of colorful wildflowers and foliated grasses.
10. The artist used a foliated style to create intricate designs on the pottery.
11. The ancient temple was adorned with foliated pillars that rose high into the sky.
12. The cathedral had a magnificent altar screen with exquisite foliated details.
13. The architectural plans included foliated archways, columns, and decorative flourishes.
14. The designer's collection showcased a line of clothing with foliated prints.
15. The ceiling of the grand ballroom was decorated with foliated plasterwork.
16. The jewelry designer created a line of intricate foliated brooches using gold and diamonds.
17. The book cover featured an elegant foliated design that caught her eye.
18. The antique chair was upholstered with a fabric featuring a foliated pattern.
19. The elegant ball gown had a train embellished with delicate foliated embroidery.
20. The stained-glass window was adorned with vibrant, foliated designs.
21. The museum display showcased an array of foliated fossils and minerals.
22. The ornate chandelier was decorated with foliated glass pieces that sparkled in the light.
23. The designer used a combination of foliated and floral motifs to create a whimsical wallpaper.
24. The tapestry featured a stunning foliated design that depicted an idyllic countryside.
25. The artist used a foliated style to create a mosaic mural on the side of the building.
26. The antique mirror frame was carved with foliated patterns that added a touch of grandeur.
27. The Shakespearean play featured a foliated set with intricate details.
28. The wallpaper in the dining room boasted a rich, foliated design that added warmth to the space.
29. The garden statue featured a foliated pedestal that made it look regal and majestic.
30. The opera house had a grand stage with a foliated backdrop that transported the audience to another world.

Common Phases

1. The rocks in this area are highly foliated; it indicates that they have been subjected to extreme pressure and heat.
2. The foliated texture of the slate makes it an ideal choice for roofing due to its water-resistant qualities.
3. The foliated appearance of the granite gave the monument a majestic look.
4. The rocks near the fault line are heavily foliated, indicating the intense tectonic activity in the region.
5. The schist's foliated texture makes it an important component of the gold-bearing rocks in this area.

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