Freeloading example sentences

Related (5): mooching, sponging, leeching, parasitism, exploitation

"Freeloading" Example Sentences

1. Freeloading is not an acceptable behavior in any society.
2. I caught my roommate freeloading off my groceries again.
3. Stop freeloading and contribute something to the group project.
4. His constant freeloading is becoming a real problem in our relationship.
5. I'm not going to tolerate her freeloading off my hard work anymore.
6. He's been freeloading off the government for years without even trying to find a job.
7. You can't just keep freeloading off your parents forever, you need to start supporting yourself.
8. Her freeloading tendencies are starting to strain our friendship.
9. I can't believe you're still freeloading off your ex-girlfriend's Netflix account.
10. Freeloading off other people's ideas is not a valid approach to success.
11. He was always trying to find ways to freeload instead of contributing to the team effort.
12. She seems to think that she can just freeload her way to success without putting in any work.
13. Freeloading is a habit that only leads to disappointment and regret.
14. I refuse to let him continue freeloading while I do all the work.
15. If you want to be successful, you have to work hard and avoid freeloading.
16. She was accused of freeloading off the government's welfare system.
17. Don't be a freeloader, contribute something to the conversation.
18. We're not going to tolerate any freeloading on this trip - everyone needs to pull their weight.
19. His freeloading mentality was only going to hold him back in the long run.
20. It's time for you to stop freeload off your brother and start supporting yourself.
21. The company had to implement new policies to prevent freeloading and increase productivity.
22. He was quickly labeled as a freeloader when he refused to do his share of the work.
23. She accused him of freeloading off her success instead of working hard to achieve his own.
24. We need to work together as a team and avoid any freeloaders who are just looking to ride our coattails.
25. His freeloading antics were actually preventing the group from achieving their goals.
26. I'm not going to let her freeloading attitude bring down the overall morale of the team.
27. Freeloading may seem like an easy way out, but it will only lead to failure and disappointment in the end.
28. We had to kick him out of the group for his constant freeloading and lack of contribution.
29. I don't mind sharing, but I refuse to let people take advantage of me by freeload off my generosity.
30. We have to be vigilant and avoid any freeloading behavior if we want to achieve success in our endeavors.

Common Phases

you mind if I crash here for a while; I need to save some money by freeload for a bit; Can I have some of your food? I'm freeload for the week; Sorry I can't chip in right now, I'm freeload for a bit; Do you mind if I use your Netflix account? I'm trying to freeload on entertainment expenses.

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