Gaps example sentences

Related (10): Spaces, holes, interruptions, deficiencies, absences, lacunae, omissions, breaks, discrepancies, disparities.

"Gaps" Example Sentences

1. The plan aims to close the gaps in education.
2. There are still large gaps in our knowledge about the subject.
3. The survey results revealed some gaps in customer service.
4. Efforts are being made to bridge the gaps between different communities.
5. Sadly, the inequality gaps are widening.
6. There are skill gaps in the labor market.
7. The new policy seeks to eliminate the pay gaps between men and women.
8. The unemployment gaps between regions are concerning.
9. The educational gaps between rural and urban areas are significant.
10. There are huge gaps in digital access.
11. The income gaps between social classes are growing.
12. The social programs aim to fill the opportunity gaps.
13. There are still many gaps in health care coverage.
14. Leaders are working to close the achievement gaps in schools.
15. The technology gaps between developed and developing nations persist.
16. There are generational gaps in attitudes and values.
17. The infrastructure still has major gaps.
18. Government programs aim to narrow the wealth gaps.
19. The report identified gaps in basic needs coverage.
20. The research aims to fill knowledge gaps.
21. Some people fall through the cracks in gaps in the system.
22. We identified several gaps in the existing research.
23. The disparity gaps between groups are troubling.
24. There are large gaps in access to resources.
25. The speech focused on closing opportunity gaps.
26. The program works to fill gaps in food and housing security.
27. There are gaps in the historical record.
28. Achievement gaps among students began to emerge.
29. Gaps in border security still exist.
30. The insurance left gaps in coverage.
31. The data revealed gaps in care.
32. Gaps in coverage caused problems.
33. Gaps began to appear in the forecast.
34. There were gaps in the plans.
35. The assessment identified major gaps.
36. The pilot program aimed to fill gaps in services.
37. Officials are working to close gaps in funding.
38. Scheduling gaps opened up in the agenda.
39. Linguistic gaps make communication challenging.
40. The evaluation found gaps in safety protocols.
41. Gaps in election monitoring exist.
42. There are gaps in oversight.
43. Gaps in information cause issues.
44.There were gaps in the budget.
45. The policy seeks to bridge gaps between groups.
46. Gaps emerged in the discussions.
47. Capacity gaps exist within the team.
48. The report reveals gaps in women's rights.
49. There were major gaps in the timeline.
50. Automation aims to fill chronological gaps in the record.
51. Gaps in research still exist.
52. There are gaps in employee benefits.
53. The intervention aims to close gaps in retail access.
54. The database has gaps in certain time periods.
55. Gaps appeared in test scores.
56. Gaps emerged in critical skills.
57. There are worrying gaps in medical care.
58. The plan aims to bridge cultural gaps.
59. Security gaps allowed the breach to occur.
60. Patching the gaps will strengthen the overall system.

Common Phases

1. The report found gaps in safety protocols that need to be addressed.
2. There were gaps in my knowledge that I had to fill before taking the exam.
3. The policy aims to close the achievement gaps between low-income students and their more affluent peers.
4. The road is full of gaps and potholes.
5. The generation gap between parents and their teenage kids seems wider than ever.
6. Brain scans revealed gaps in brain development in the children with learning disabilities.
7. Our instructor spent extra time filling in the gaps in our understanding of the material.
8. The survey found knowledge gaps between those who had the internet and those who did not.
9. Education experts warn that the digital divide is creating gaps in technical proficiency.
10. The grand canyon is one of the largest gaps in the Earth's crust.
11. There were gaps between the planks of the wooden fence.
12. The room had gaps where the ceiling plaster had fallen down.
13. The security personnel tried to plug the gaps in the border fence.
14. They searched for gaps in the market for their new product.
15. The financial advisor recommended ways to fill the gaps in my retirement plan.
16. There were gaps in our cell phone coverage as we drove through the rural area.
17. The report identified gaps in healthcare access between rural and urban areas.
18. The wooden bridge had gaps big enough for small animals to fall through.
19. They filled in the gaps in their story with made-up details.
20. There were gaps in the history textbook that our professor tried to address.
21. Our team worked hard to fill the knowledge gaps we identified at the start of the project.
22. The earthquake revealed gaps and cracks in the foundation of the building.
23. The old wallpaper had started to peel away, leaving gaps at the seams.
24. I had gaps in my resume where I had taken time off work.
25. The road crew patched the gaps in the asphalt with new pavement.
26. There were gaps in our food supply chain during the pandemic.
27. The study pointed to gaps in our social safety nets for those in poverty.
28. There were gaps around the edges of the windowpane from years of neglect.
29. His speech highlighted gaps in access to healthcare for vulnerable groups.
30. The military strategists tried to close the gaps in the country's defenses.
31. There were gaps in our knowledge about the disease that needed further research.
32. The researchers identified gaps in existing literature that needed further study.
33. There were gaps in data collection that limited the effectiveness of the survey.
34. There were gaps in my website's content that needed to be filled out.
35. There were large gaps between the train's cars as it pulled into the station.
36. There were noticeable gaps in her knowledge of key facts about the time period.
37. His essay pointed out gaps in our understanding of the problem.
38. The data showed gaps in educational outcomes along racial lines.
39. The uneven floor had gaps between the old floorboards.
40. Scientists search for gaps in existing theories and explanations.
41. The fence had gaps large enough for animals to squeeze through.
42. Her report identified gaps in our preparedness for a possible emergency.
43. The old coat had gaps at the seams where stitching had come loose.
44. There were noticeable age gaps between siblings in the large family.
45. The survey revealed significant gaps in public awareness on the issue.
46. There were gaps of minutes missing from the surveillance footage.
47. The discussion highlighted gaps in our knowledge on the subject.
48. The old rain gutter had gaps that let water pour through.
49. There were gaps in the line where people had not observed social distancing.
50. There were gaps in crowd control that allowed trouble to break out.
51. Despite our training, there were still knowledge gaps that could cause problems.
52. The data showed large gaps between rich and poor in different parts of the country.
53. The joinery had large gaps where the wood hadn't fit together properly.
54. The repairman tried to patch the gaps in the broken drainpipe.
55. There were gaps in workers' basic rights that trade unions tried to close.
56. The unpaved road had large gaps filled with rainwater.
57. The aging wooden stairs had gaps between some of the treads.
58. The teacher worked hard to close the knowledge gaps between her students.
59. There were gaps in the fabric where the threads had frayed and broken.
60. The union lobbied to close gaps in benefits between full-time and part-time workers.

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