Gull example sentences

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"Gull" Example Sentences

1. The gulls flew overhead, calling out to each other.
2. The beach was littered with the shells and bones left behind by the hungry gulls.
3. The children fed the leftover fries to the circling gulls.
4. Do not feed the gulls directly; it will only make them aggressive toward humans.
5. A flock of gulls took flight as the boat approached the shore.
6. The gull swooped down and stole the child's sandwich right out of her hand.
7. Seagulls and other gulls squawked and fought over scraps of food.
8. The researchers banded the legs of young gulls to track their migration patterns.
9. The wingspan of some large gull species can reach up to six feet.
10. The rude boy tried to gull the little old lady out of her savings.
11. The swindler tried to gull their elderly clients out of their retirement money.
12. The shady salesman tried to gull me into buying something I did not need.
13. Do not let yourself be gulled into a scam.
14. The con artist tried to gull her customers with phony promises.
15. Their naive neighbors were easily gulled by the swindlers' lies.
16. The newcomer was quickly gulled into joining the pyramid scheme.
17. The rookie detective refused to be gulled by the suspect's story.
18. Do not be gulled by false advertising.
19. That story seems rather far-fetched; I refuse to be gulled.
20. I will not be gulled by your transparent flattery.
21. The gull passed close by, watching them with a wary eye.
22. Do not let the gull-like story fool you.
23. The child fell for the gullible story.
24. The gullible tourists quickly fell for the scam.
25. The gullible man readily believed any tall tale he was told.
26. Seeing the gullible look on his face, I launched into an elaborate story.
27. Be wary of gullible sounding stories.
28. The foolish, gullible woman fell for every lie he told her.
29. Her gullible nature made her an easy target for deception.
30. Do not make the mistake of being gullible.
31. The gull swooped low, snatching the french fry right out of his hand.
32. He took one look at the gull and knew it was injured.
33. The wide wingspan and webbed feet help the gull soar.
34. The distinctive call of the herring gull could be heard above the crash of waves.
35. Great black-backed gulls are among the largest gull species.
36. Gulls are known to eat small fish, crustaceans, worms, insects and sometimes carrion.
37. Gulls tend to congregate around human habitats where they can easily find food.
38. Gulls often follow fishing boats to catch any discarded fish.
39. The sound of calling gulls is a familiar part of the coastal soundtrack.
40. The little boy watched in fascination as the gull swooped and dove near the shore.
41. The fearsome gull dove at him, forcing him to let go of the fish he had caught.
42. The indignant gull squawked at the young boy in reprimand.
43. The plaintive call of the gull carried on the salty sea breeze.
44. The researcher banded the leg of the young gull to track its migration.
45. Gulls tend to travel in large, boisterous flocks.
46. Gulls make nests out of sticks, seaweed and grass.
47. The lone gull had been injured and could not fly away like the others.
48. Gulls have webbed feet that help them swim.
49. Gulls are known to be aggressive around human food sources.
50. The gray gull flew overhead, keeping a watchful eye on the beach below.
51. The gull soared on the wind currents high above the ocean.
52. Gulls ride air currents with ease and grace.
53. The gulls' sharp cries could be heard above the roar of the ocean.
54. The circling gulls waited patiently for scraps of food from the beachgoers.
55. Gulls often follow plows and tractors to catch exposed worms and insects.
56. The gulls dove and swooped low over the waves in their everlasting search for food.
57. We watched the diving gulls disappear and reappear above the crashing surf.
58. The standing gull looked on with interest at the beach scene below.
59. The gull swiftly snatched up the piece of bread and flew away.
60. The fisherman tossed bits of bread into the water, drawing a crowd of hungry gulls.

Common Phases

1. Easy to gull - easy to fool or deceive
2. Fall for the gull - fall for a lie, deception, or trick
3. Gull someone - fool, trick or deceive someone
4. Gullible nature - a tendency to easily believe things that may not be true
5. Do not be gulled - do not be fooled or deceived
6. Not to be gulled - not to fall for a lie or deception
7. Refused to be gulled - refused to fall for a lie or trick
8. Gull-like story - a story that seems unbelievable or improbable
9. Gullible tourists - tourists who are easily fooled or deceived
10. Gullible person - someone who is easily fooled or deceived
11. A gullible fool - someone very easily deceived
12. A gull's cry - the call or cry of a seagull
13. Flock of gulls - a group of seagulls
14. Wing of a gull - the wing or wingshape of a seagull
15. White gulls - typically refers to Larus seagulls that are white in color

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