Haze example sentences

Related (10): smog, fog, mist, smoke, pollution, humidity, murkiness, condensation, vapor, blur

"Haze" Example Sentences

1. The haze obscured our view of the mountains.
2. A thick smog haze hung over the city.
3. The pollution caused an unhealthy yellow haze.
4. Smoke from the wildfires created a hazy sky.
5. Our memories of childhood are hazy and unclear.
6. Through the foggy haze, I could barely make out the house.
7. As the haze lifted, we could finally see the valley below.
8. The car lights barely pierced the morning haze.
9. The room was filled with a smokey haze.
10. The football field was shrouded in early morning haze.
11. His thoughts were hazey from exhaustion.
12. I recall the day in hazy recollection.
13. We walked through the hazy marshland.
14. The city was enveloped in a gloomy haze.
15. The sunset was visible through the haze.
16. Her eyes were glazed and hazy from crying.
17. The alcohol induced a hazy stupor.
18. The drug left him in a haze of confusion.
19. His eyes were bloodshot and hazy from lack of sleep.
20. Our senses were dulled by the marijuana haze.
21. The haze from months of isolation clouded his mind.
22. The morning haze lifts over the lake.
23. She was lost in a daydream haze.
24. The fever left him in a hazy state of mind.
25. He walked through life in a marijuana-induced haze.
26. Memories of those years are now hazy and indistinct.
27. The medication caused a mental haze.
28. The pond's still surface reflects the morning haze.
29. His mind was still foggy and hazy from sleeping.
30. The foggy haze hovered over the valley.
31. Her thoughts were hazy and scattered.
32. The drug left him in a cloudy mental haze.
33. Alcohol took away his hazy inhibitions.
34. A warm haze filled the air.
35. Her sleep-deprived eyes were glazed and hazy.
36. The desert shimmered in the midday haze.
37. The tranquilizer induced a hazy calmness.
38. He emerged from the tent into the day's haze.
39. The memories grew hazy with age.
40. His mind was dulled and rendered hazy by the medication.
41. The city disappeared into the thick pea-souper haze.
42. He wandered through the morning haze.
43. The heat created a shimmering haze over the road.
44. Their activities during that period are hazy and undefined.
45. Events seem vague and hazy over time.
46. An eerie haze hung over the whole city.
47. The room was filled with the sweet smoky haze.
48. They walked through the hazy marsh.
49. The air was filled with a dusty yellow haze.
50. Memories of her childhood have remained hazy.
51. Her state of mind was hazy and troubled.
52. The glass of wine left him in a hazy stupor.
53. His mind wandered in a haze of thought.
54. The morning sunshine broke through the morning haze.
55. Her dreams were filled with a hazy fog.
56. A warm alcoholic haze spread through his body.
57. Cannabis rendered him in a mental haze.
58. The mist spread a mystic haze over the city.
59. Dawn broke gradually through the early morning haze.
60. The drug left him in a state of mental haziness.

Common Phases

1. Be in a haze - To be in a state of mental confusion or unawareness.
2. Clear the haze - To make something that is unclear or confused become clear and understandable.
3. Come out of the haze - To start seeing or thinking clearly after being confused or unaware.
4. Dispel the haze - To remove something that causes confusion or obscurity.
5. Emerge from the haze - To start seeing or thinking clearly after a period of confusion.
6. Hazy recollection - A vague or unclear memory of something.
7. Lift the haze - To make something that was unclear or obscure become visible or understandable.
8. Live in a haze - To carry out one's life in a state of mental confusion.
9. Mental haze - A state of mental confusion or unawareness.
10. Shrouded in haze - Covered or obscured by something unclear or indistinct.
11. Through the haze - Despite something that causes obscurity or confusion.
12. Walk through the haze - To carry on despite mental confusion or obscurity.

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