Heathen example sentences

Related (12): infidel, pagan, uncivilized, godless, nonbeliever, barbarian, idolater, savage, heretic, outsider, atheist, non-Christian

"Heathen" Example Sentences

1) The missionaries were determined to convert the heathen tribes of the Amazon.
2) She was accused of practicing heathen rituals by her conservative family.
3) The town's residents were divided over whether to allow a heathen temple to be built.
4) The explorers were shocked to discover a community of heathen natives living in the mountains.
5) The priest preached to the heathens in the hopes of saving their souls.
6) The heathen customs of the ancient civilization intrigued archaeologists.
7) The wise woman was rumored to possess heathen knowledge of healing and divination.
8) The sailors encountered many heathen island tribes during their voyage.
9) The Inquisition sought to eradicate all heathen beliefs in Europe.
10) The heathen practices of astrology and divination were condemned by the church.
11) The barbarian hordes were perceived as heathen invaders who threatened civilization.
12) The villagers were wary of the heathen traders who arrived from a foreign land.
13) The missionary spent years trying to convert the heathen kings of Africa.
14) The heathen gods of the Greeks and Romans were worshipped for centuries.
15) The heathen priests were often consulted for their knowledge of nature and the spirits.
16) The Vikings were known for their heathen rituals and brutal raids.
17) The conquistadors believed it was their duty to convert the heathen natives to Christianity.
18) The holy crusaders declared war on the heathen infidels who occupied the Holy Land.
19) The heathen sacrifices were considered repulsive by the early Christian settlers.
20) The pagans were often lumped together as heathen idolaters in the eyes of Christians.
21) The missionaries were tormented by the heathen warlords who resisted their teachings.
22) The heathen statues were seen as primitive representations of supernatural forces.
23) The shaman was revered by the heathen tribes for his spiritual guidance.
24) The heathen practices of burning effigies and performing animal sacrifices were condemned by the authorities.
25) The heathens were accused of practicing devil worship and witchcraft by the church.
26) The Inca Empire's heathen religion was forcibly suppressed by the Spanish conquistadors.
27) The heathen customs of the Aztecs and Maya fascinated European explorers.
28) The heathen tribes of Siberia were known for their shamanistic ceremonies and nomadic lifestyle.
29) The heathen beliefs of the indigenous peoples clashed with the Christian values of the European colonizers.
30) The Christian missionaries were seen as a threat to the heathen way of life.

Common Phases

1. "Heathen is a derogatory term used to label non-believers;"
2. "Some people consider practices of other religions as heathen;"
3. "The concept of heathenism varies from culture to culture;"
4. "In ancient times, Romans referred to Germanic tribes as heathens;"
5. "Christian missionaries once aimed to convert heathen populations in foreign lands."

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