Hooks example sentences

Related (15): claw, bait, catch, fastener, hanger, lure, loop, peg, snare, suspend, tendon, fasten, secure, grapple, barb.

"Hooks" Example Sentences

1. The hooks on the fishing line were rusty and needed to be replaced.
2. She hung her coat on the hooks by the door.
3. The pirate captain had a collection of hooks for his missing hand.
4. The writer's opening sentence was a powerful hook that drew readers in.
5. The singer's catchy hooks were an important part of her popular songs.
6. The wall hanging was adorned with decorative hooks.
7. The butcher hung the meat on hooks in the refrigerator.
8. The mountain climber relied on her grappling hook to reach the summit.
9. The artist used hooks to hang her paintings at the art exhibition.
10. The coat rack had several hooks for hats, bags, and scarves.
11. The fisherman carefully removed the hook from the fish's mouth.
12. The boxer delivered a hook punch to his opponent's jaw.
13. The wall organizer was filled with hooks to keep everything tidy.
14. The homeowner installed hooks in the garage to hang tools and equipment.
15. The jewelry designer used hooks to create unique earring designs.
16. The bird feeder had several hooks for different types of feed.
17. The rock climber secured her rope to a hook on the rock face.
18. The nurse used a hook to remove medical waste from the hospital room.
19. The sweater snagged on a loose hook in the closet.
20. The farmer used a hook to move bales of hay into the barn.
21. The ribbon garland was hung on the Christmas tree using hooks.
22. The carpenter's tool belt had hooks for various tools.
23. The gardener used a hook to prune blooming flowers.
24. The restaurant kitchen had a massive hook for hanging meat.
25. The coat check attendant labeled and hung coats on hooks for the guests.
26. The hardware store had an aisle dedicated to various types of hooks.
27. The upholstery shop used a hook to secure fabric onto furniture.
28. The construction worker attached safety harnesses to hooks on the building.
29. The mechanic used a hook to retrieve a dropped bolt from the engine.
30. The costume designer used hooks to fasten the intricate details of a historical costume.

Common Phases

1. Baited the hook; Cast it out and wait for a nibble; Reel in the catch.
2. Put out some bait; Set the hook when it bites; Pull it in slowly.
3. Choose the right bait; Hook the fish once it takes the bait; Bring it in carefully.
4. Tie a strong knot; Choose the right lure; Cast it out and wait for a strike.
5. Check the water temperature; Use a deep diving crankbait; Keep the line tight and set the hook.
6. Use live bait or lures; Wait for the tug; Set the hook firmly and reel it in.
7. Rig your line; Choose the right hook size; Wait patiently until the fish bites.
8. Use natural bait; Wait until the fish bites; Hook it quickly and smoothly.
9. Check the weather conditions; Select the right hook type; Cast your line and get ready to hook the catch.
10. Choose the right fishing spot; Fish at the right depth; Set the hook and reel in your catch.

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