Horrible example sentences

Related (13): awful, dreadful, terrible, appalling, ghastly, catastrophic, nightmarish, monstrous, abominable, revolting, atrocious, hideous, unspeakable

"Horrible" Example Sentences

1. The weather outside is really horrible today.
2. I had a horrible nightmare last night.
3. The food at that restaurant was horrible.
4. She has a horrible attitude towards others.
5. The smell in this room is absolutely horrible.
6. The traffic on the highway was horrible during rush hour.
7. It's a horrible feeling to be stuck in traffic.
8. I got a horrible sunburn on my vacation.
9. The news on television today was just horrible.
10. I had a horrible experience with customer service.
11. The condition of this car is just horrible.
12. That book was a horrible waste of time.
13. The sound of fingernails on a chalkboard is horrible.
14. The sound system during the concert was horrible.
15. The coffee served at that shop was horrible.
16. The smell of burnt popcorn is horrible.
17. I had a horrible headache all day yesterday.
18. The customer reviews for that product were horrible.
19. That movie was just horrible, I couldn't even finish it.
20. The behavior of some people on social media can be horrible.
21. I had a horrible reaction to that medication.
22. That noise coming from the engine is just horrible.
23. The condition of this house is horrible, it needs so much work.
24. The service at that restaurant was horrible, our waitress was so rude.
25. I had a horrible experience with my dentist.
26. The taste of that food was horrible, I couldn't even swallow it.
27. The quality of those clothes was horrible, they fell apart after one wash.
28. The smell coming from the garbage is just horrible.
29. That person's breath is horrible, they need a mint.
30. The amount of work I have to do is just horrible, I'll never get it all done.

Common Phases

1. The weather was horrible; rain was pouring down on us all day long.
2. That movie was horrible; I can't believe I wasted two hours of my life watching it.
3. The food at the restaurant was horrible; I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
4. The traffic on the way to work was horrible; I was stuck in my car for over an hour.
5. The customer service I received was horrible; the representative was rude and unhelpful.
6. The experience I had on my flight was horrible; the air conditioning wasn't working and it was incredibly uncomfortable.
7. The news I heard today was horrible; there was yet another mass shooting.
8. The stampede at the concert was horrible; people were getting trampled and injured.
9. The smell coming from the dumpster was horrible; I had to hold my breath just to walk by it.
10. The test results I received were horrible; I failed every section.

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