Statesman example sentences

Related (8): diplomat, politician, leader, visionary, strategist, orator, peacemaker, negotiator

"Statesman" Example Sentences

1. He was a great statesman who spent his life serving his country.
2. A true statesman always puts the welfare of his people before his personal gains.
3. The former president was not only a politician but also a skilled statesman.
4. His reputation as a statesman was well established in the international community.
5. Being a statesman requires a high level of diplomacy and negotiation skills.
6. The statesman's speech inspired the nation to come together and strive for peace.
7. The courageous actions of the statesman saved his country from a potential catastrophe.
8. As a statesman, he was known for his strong stance on human rights issues.
9. Many people consider Abraham Lincoln to be one of the greatest statesmen in American history.
10. The statesman's wisdom and foresight have made him an invaluable asset to his country.
11. In times of crisis, a statesman must remain calm and focused to make sound decisions.
12. A statesman's legacy is measured by his contributions to his country and its people.
13. He exhibited great leadership qualities and was considered a visionary statesman by his peers.
14. Throughout his career as a statesman, he worked tirelessly to improve the lives of his constituents.
15. The statesman was widely respected for his integrity and honesty.
16. A true statesman must have a deep understanding of his country's history and culture.
17. The statesman's policies created a thriving economy and a stable political environment.
18. His courage and determination made him one of the most respected statesmen of his time.
19. The statesman's approach to governance was marked by inclusivity and fairness.
20. As a statesman, he embodied the highest ideals of public service and leadership.
21. The statesman's legacy lives on through the institutions and policies he established.
22. The statesman's vision for his country inspired generations of leaders to come.
23. His contributions as a statesman went far beyond mere political achievements.
24. A statesman must be able to understand the diverse perspectives and needs of his people.
25. The statesman's humility and compassion endeared him to his constituents.
26. His statesman-like behavior during the crisis earned him the admiration of his fellow citizens.
27. The statesman's ability to build consensus and bridge divides made him a highly effective leader.
28. As a statesman, he always had the courage to do what was right, even if it was unpopular.
29. The statesman's commitment to social justice and equality was reflected in his policies.
30. In the annals of history, he will be remembered as a statesman who changed the course of his country's destiny.

Common Phases

1. The statesman delivered a powerful speech; it moved the hearts of many.
2. The statesman met with the foreign dignitary; they discussed matters of mutual interest.
3. The statesman implemented progressive policies; they positively impacted the economy.
4. The statesman was admired for his leadership skills; he inspired many to follow in his footsteps.
5. The statesman tackled tough issues with courage; he was a true leader in times of crisis.

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