Hundreds example sentences

Related (35): thousands, many, numerous, varied, diverse, innumerable, countless, plentiful, abundant, multitudinous, various, plenty, scores, loads, oodles, myriads, scads, manifold, copious, heaps, piles, tons, mass, horde, multitude, legion, throng, swarm, flock, crowd, host, army, mob, assemblage, gathering.

"Hundreds" Example Sentences

1. Hundreds of people gathered for the concert.
2. Hundreds of cars were stuck in traffic.
3. The marathon attracted hundreds of runners.
4. Hundreds of years ago, people lived without modern technology.
5. Hundreds of shoppers lined up for the store grand opening.
6. There were hundreds of books on the shelves.
7. The earthquake displaced hundreds of families.
8. Hundreds of tourists visited the historic sites each day.
9. Hundreds of spectators watched the fireworks show.
10. Hundreds of employees were laid off due to budget cuts.
11. Hundreds of migrants crossed the border illegally.
12. Hundreds of messages flooded her social media accounts.
13. The parade included hundreds of marching bands and floats.
14. The stadium could seat hundreds of thousands of fans.
15. Hundreds of visitors toured the museum each weekend.
16. Hundreds of flights were canceled due to the snowstorm.
17. Hundreds of cows grazed in the pasture.
18. The sale attracted hundreds of bargain hunters.
19. There are hundreds of species of birds in the Amazon rainforest.
20. Hundreds of trees were uprooted in the hurricane.
21. Hundreds of candles lit up the church for the vigil service.
22. Hundreds of species of plants call the rainforest home.
23. Hundreds of historic buildings lined the cobblestone streets.
24. Hundreds of ships make the journey across the ocean each year.
25. Hundreds of soldiers fought in the bloody battle.
26. Hundreds of students graduate from the university each year.
27. Hundreds of birds took flight at the sound of the gunshot.
28. The protests attracted hundreds of demonstrators.
29. Hundreds of devotees make the annual pilgrimage to the shrine.
30. Hundreds of supporters cheered for the team.
31. The exhibit featured hundreds of priceless works of art.
32. Hundreds of tourists visited the scenic overlook each day.
33. Hundreds of boats filled the marina during the festival.
34. Hundreds of applications flooded the admissions office each year.
35. The city sends hundreds of tons of trash to the landfill annually.
36. Hundreds of dolphins swim in the bay.
37. Hundreds of charming shops lined the cobblestone streets.
38. Hundreds of people lined up to donate food and supplies.
39. Hundreds of years of history are preserved within the ancient city walls.
40. Hundreds of hopeful actors audition for the roles each year.
41. Hundreds of spectators crowded into the stadium for the big game.
42. There are hundreds of species of plants growing in the rainforest.
43. Hundreds of wildflowers dotted the meadow.
44. There were hundreds of missed calls and unread text messages on her phone.
45. Hundreds of pieces of mail flooded the post office daily.
46. Hundreds of military personnel responded to the crisis.
47. Hundreds of tiny islands dot the vast archipelago.
48. Hundreds of birds nest in the tall trees.
49. Hundreds of patients visit the hospital each day.
50. Hundreds of species call the coral reef home.

Common Phases

hundreds of years
The ancient civilization thrived for hundreds of years.
hundreds of people/birds/trees, etc.
Hundreds of people gathered for the concert.
hundreds of miles
The hike covered hundreds of miles of difficult terrain.
hundreds of dollars
The damage totaled hundreds of dollars in repairs.
hundreds of times
I've told you hundreds of times not to do that!
hundreds upon hundreds
Hundreds upon hundreds of books lined the shelves.
by the hundreds
Butterflies swarmed the meadow by the hundreds.
in the hundreds
The temperature dropped to the hundreds below zero.
count (something) by the hundreds
You can count the craters on the moon by the hundreds.
flock/rush/pour in by the hundreds
Tourists flocked to the island by the hundreds.
number in the hundreds
The casualties numbered in the hundreds.
amount to hundreds
The donations amounted to hundreds of dollars.
stretch for hundreds of (miles, etc.)
The beach stretches for hundreds of miles.
Hope these examples help demonstrate some common ways to use the phrase 'hundreds of'! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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