Inserted example sentences

Related (11): put, added, placed, embedded, included, situated, fitted, implanted, introduced, integrated, fixed.

"Inserted" Example Sentences

1. He inserted the key into the lock and turned it.
2. I have inserted the batteries in the remote control.
3. It's important to insert the document into the envelope before sealing it.
4. She deftly inserted the needle into the fabric.
5. The dentist skillfully inserted the crown onto the damaged tooth.
6. He inadvertently inserted a typo into the middle of the essay.
7. The bartender inserted a lemon twist into the cocktail.
8. She inserted an extra paragraph into her thesis at the last minute.
9. The DJ inserted a new beat into the song to keep the crowd dancing.
10. The teacher inserted a funny anecdote into the lecture to lighten the mood.
11. He inserted a wedge under the door to hold it open.
12. She inserted a comma in the wrong spot, changing the meaning of the sentence.
13. The writer inserted a plot twist that completely surprised the reader.
14. He inserted himself into the conversation, even though he wasn't invited.
15. The athlete inserted a burst of speed into the race, taking the lead.
16. She quietly inserted herself into the group of strangers, hoping to make friends.
17. He inserted the key card into the hotel room door and entered.
18. The hairstylist inserted a few highlights into her client's hair to brighten it up.
19. She inserted the CD into the player and hit play.
20. The surgeon expertly inserted the catheter into the patient's artery.
21. He had the idea to insert a joke into the presentation to make it more engaging.
22. She inserted an emoji into the text message to convey her emotions.
23. He inserted the key into the ignition and started the car.
24. The baker inserted a filling into the pastry, making it more delicious.
25. She quickly inserted the photo into the frame and hung it on the wall.
26. The musician inserted a solo into the song, showcasing their talent.
27. He inserted a reference to a classic novel into his speech to impress his audience.
28. The artist inserted a symbol into the painting, giving it more depth.
29. She accidentally inserted a double space between two words in the paragraph.
30. The programmer inserted a new line of code into the program, solving the glitch.

Common Phases

you want phrases or sentences with the word "inserted"?
1. The key was inserted into the lock.
2. The needle was inserted into my arm.
3. The USB drive was inserted into the computer.
4. The wire was inserted into the outlet.
5. The paper was inserted into the envelope.
6. The catheter was inserted into the patient's bladder.
7. The implant was inserted into the patient's jaw.
8. The bolt was inserted into the hole.
9. The cartridge was inserted into the printer.
10. The chip was inserted into the circuit board.

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