Laager example sentences

Related (7): camp, encampment, fortress, stockade, stronghold, bastion, redoubt


[ˈläɡər] ✕ Play

laager (noun) · laagers (plural noun)

  - a camp or encampment formed by a circle of wagons.

  - an entrenched position or viewpoint that is defended against opponents:

  - form (vehicles) into a laager:

  - make camp:


camp, bivouac, cantonment, barracks, base, station, post, campsite, tents

"Laager" Example Sentences

1. The troops formed a tight laager to protect themselves from enemy attack.
2. The nomadic tribe set up their laager in a new location every few months.
3. The settlers built a sturdy laager around their campsite to defend against wildlife.
4. The soldiers fortified their laager with extra barricades and walls.
5. The refugees huddled together in a make-shift laager, hoping for safety.
6. The explorers relied on a portable laager they could quickly assemble and disassemble as they traveled.
7. The besieged city erected a massive laager to hold off the invading army.
8. The caravan formed a laager around their valuable goods to deter thieves.
9. The plantation owner built a laager to protect his family and workers from bandits.
10. The merchants established a laager in the midst of a bustling marketplace to avoid theft.
11. The hunters erected a laager to protect themselves from predators during the night.
12. The missionaries relied on a well-fortified laager to keep themselves safe in foreign lands.
13. The cattle ranchers built a laager to protect their herds from roaming predators.
14. The construction team built a laager in an isolated location to protect against hostile tribes.
15. The miners established a laager to protect their precious finds from thieves and raiders.
16. The colonizers formed a laager to protect themselves from hostile natives and dangerous wildlife.
17. The rebels established a hidden laager to evade government forces.
18. The guerrilla fighters relied on a mobile laager to evade their pursuers.
19. The warlord set up a heavily fortified laager to protect his stronghold.
20. The band of outlaws established a laager deep in the forest to evade authorities.
21. The stranded travelers huddled together in a laager to guard against the elements.
22. The scientists built a secure laager to protect their valuable research from rival countries.
23. The security team built a laager to protect the high-profile VIPs in their care.
24. The band of survivors established a laager in an abandoned fortress to defend against zombie attacks.
25. The rebels built a hidden laager to launch surprise attacks on the enemy.
26. The nomads set up their laager near a water source to survive in the desert.
27. The pirates established a remote laager to hide their stolen treasure and hostages.
28. The military leaders ordered their troops to form a laager as they prepared for the enemy onslaught.
29. The revolutionaries built a well-hidden laager to coordinate their attacks against the ruling government.
30. The hunters built a reinforced laager to keep themselves safe from elephant stampedes.

Common Phases

1. We decided to laager our vehicles for the night;
2. The soldiers set up a laager to protect themselves from enemy attacks;
3. The convoy had to laager due to a storm;
4. The camping trip involved laagering our tents for shelter;
5. The refugees were forced to laager in a makeshift camp;
6. After a long day of hiking, we had to laager and set up our campsite;
7. The caravan laagered outside the city walls for safety;
8. The livestock were left to laager in the open fields for grazing.

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