Labia example sentences

Related (4): vulva, clitoris, vestibule, perineum.

"Labia" Example Sentences

1. Her labia were swollen and sensitive after giving birth.
2. The doctor examined her labia closely to check for any abnormalities.
3. The labia are an important part of female anatomy.
4. She was self-conscious about the size of her labia and considered getting surgery.
5. I don't feel comfortable discussing my labia with strangers.
6. The piercing went through both of her labia, causing intense pain.
7. Women's labia come in all shapes and sizes.
8. She was embarrassed to show her labia to her partner.
9. The labia protect the clitoris and vaginal opening.
10. It's important to keep the labia clean to prevent infection.
11. She noticed a bump on her labia and immediately went to see her gynecologist.
12. The labia are made up of sensitive tissue that can be easily irritated.
13. She felt ashamed of her labia, thinking they were ugly or abnormal.
14. The labia can stretch and change during pregnancy and childbirth.
15. She felt a sharp pain in her labia during sex and immediately stopped.
16. The labia minora are the inner folds of skin, while the labia majora are the outer folds.
17. Some women prefer to have their labia trimmed or reshaped for aesthetic reasons.
18. Her partner was fascinated by her labia and loved to explore and play with them.
19. The labia are part of the vulva, which also includes the clitoris, vagina, and pubic mound.
20. She couldn't help but laugh at the word "labia" because it sounded funny to her.
21. The labia can be very sensitive and pleasurable to touch or stimulate.
22. She felt a burning sensation in her labia after using a new soap.
23. The labia are usually covered by pubic hair, but some women prefer to shave or wax it off.
24. She was surprised to learn that her labia were normal and healthy during her gynecologist appointment.
25. The labia can change color or become darker during puberty or pregnancy.
26. She accidentally tore her labia while attempting rough sex with her partner.
27. The labia can become chafed or irritated from tight clothing or vigorous exercise.
28. She felt embarrassed to wear a bathing suit because she thought her labia were too visible.
29. The labia majora have many nerve endings and blood vessels, making them highly sensitive and responsive.
30. She felt a sense of pride and empowerment after learning more about her labia and female anatomy.

Common Phases

1. The labia majora encloses the vulva;
2. I felt a burning sensation in my labia minora;
3. The labia come in different shapes and sizes;
4. Hers was a smooth labia that felt slippery to the touch;
5. The doctor recommended a labiaplasty procedure for the asymmetrical labia;
6. The labia protect the entrance to the vagina;
7. She felt embarrassed about the appearance of her labia;
8. The labia may be swollen and tender during menstruation;
9. The labia can become irritated from tight clothing or harsh soaps;
10. The piercing on her labia added a unique touch to her intimate appearance.

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