Laboratories example sentences

Related (24): experimentation, research, testing, development, analysis, innovation, technology, discovery, investigation, scientific, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, microbiology, anatomy, ecology, geology, psychology, astronomy, pharmacology, nanotechnology, robotics


[ˈlabrəˌtôrē] ✕ Play

laboratories (plural noun)

  - a room or building equipped for scientific experiments, research, or teaching, or for the manufacture of drugs or chemicals:

  - (of an animal) bred for or used in experiments in laboratories:

"Laboratories" Example Sentences

1. The pharmaceutical company has several laboratories dedicated to drug discovery.
2. The science museum has interactive laboratories where visitors can conduct experiments.
3. The university's biology department has well-equipped laboratories for research.
4. The hospital has multiple laboratories to test patient samples for diagnosis.
5. The food processing company has quality control laboratories to ensure product safety.
6. The engineering firm has laboratories for testing the durability of materials.
7. The environmental organization has laboratories for monitoring air and water pollution.
8. The government agency has laboratories for forensic investigations.
9. The cosmetics company has laboratories for developing new beauty products.
10. The agricultural research center has laboratories for developing new crop varieties.
11. The genetics research institute has advanced laboratories for DNA sequencing.
12. The energy company has research laboratories for developing renewable energy sources.
13. The automotive company has laboratories for testing vehicle safety features.
14. The space agency has laboratories for designing and testing space exploration technology.
15. The telecommunications company has laboratories for developing new communication technologies.
16. The chemical company has laboratories for synthesizing new compounds.
17. The medical equipment manufacturer has laboratories for designing and testing new devices.
18. The food and beverage company has sensory laboratories for taste testing.
19. The research institute has zoological laboratories for studying animal behavior.
20. The zoological park has veterinary laboratories for caring for sick animals.
21. The university's physics department has high-tech laboratories for conducting experiments.
22. The defense contractor has secure laboratories for developing military technology.
23. The fashion and textile company has laboratories for developing new materials.
24. The marine research center has aquatic laboratories for studying marine life.
25. The pharmaceutical firm has research laboratories for discovering new drugs.
26. The medical device company has engineering laboratories for designing and testing new products.
27. The chemical manufacturer has industrial laboratories for testing process efficiency.
28. The software company has testing laboratories for ensuring product quality.
29. The oil and gas company has research laboratories for exploring new extraction methods.
30. The educational institution has teaching laboratories for students to practice hands-on experiments.

Common Phases

1. The researchers conducted experiments in the laboratories;
2. The students observed chemical reactions in the laboratories;
3. The technicians analyzed the samples in the laboratories;
4. The scientists developed new vaccines in the laboratories;
5. The engineers tested new materials in the laboratories;
6. The pharmacists prepared medications in the laboratories;
7. The microbiologists cultured bacteria in the laboratories;
8. The physicists conducted experiments on optics in the laboratories;
9. The biotechnologists manipulated DNA in the laboratories;
10. The analysts performed quality control tests in the laboratories.

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