Laboriousness example sentences

Related (5): tediousness, arduousness, painstakingsness, difficulty, hardship


[ləˈbôrēəsnəs] ✕ Play

  - noun form of laborious


[ləˈbôrēəs] ✕ Play

laborious (adjective)

  - (especially of a task, process, or journey) requiring considerable effort and time:

  - (of speech or writing style) showing obvious signs of effort and lacking in fluency:


laborious, arduous, hard, heavy, difficult, strenuous, grueling, murderous, punishing, exacting, tough, formidable, onerous, burdensome, trying, uphill, relentless, stiff, challenging, Herculean, tiring, fatiguing, exhausting, wearying, wearing, taxing, enervating, demanding, wearisome, tedious, boring, irksome, toilsome, exigent, easy, simple, labored, strained, forced, contrived, affected, studied, stiff, stilted, unnatural, artificial, overdone, overwrought, heavy, ponderous, convoluted, elaborate, overelaborate, intricate, ornate, prolix, effortless, natural

"Laboriousness" Example Sentences

1. The laboriousness of the task was evident as he struggled to complete it.
2. She was surprised at the laboriousness of the project, but still eager to tackle it.
3. The laboriousness of the process exhausted even the most dedicated workers.
4. Despite the laboriousness of the task, he persevered and eventually succeeded.
5. The laboriousness and attention to detail required for art restoration was a challenge.
6. His dedication to his craft showed in the laboriousness of his work.
7. The laboriousness of the construction project kept workers busy for months.
8. The laboriousness of the job was offset by the satisfaction of a job well done.
9. The laboriousness of the assembly line was compensated by the high production rates.
10. The laboriousness of learning a new language was worth it in the end for her.
11. The laboriousness of the cooking process was evident in the delicious meal that was served.
12. The laboriousness of inventing new technology was reduced by a collaborative effort.
13. The laboriousness of cleaning the house was made easier with the right tools and techniques.
14. The laboriousness of hiking up the mountain was rewarded with a breathtaking view.
15. The laboriousness of training to be a professional athlete required discipline and dedication.
16. The laboriousness of the project was overshadowed by the sense of accomplishment in the end.
17. The laboriousness of writing a book required endurance and patience.
18. The laboriousness of packing for a trip was decreased by making a detailed checklist.
19. The laboriousness of working 12-hour shifts was compensated by a higher salary.
20. The laboriousness of farming was offset by the satisfaction of growing your own food.
21. The laboriousness of knitting a sweater was worth it when you could wear it proudly.
22. The laboriousness of building a house was eased by working with a knowledgeable contractor.
23. The laboriousness of conducting scientific experiments was necessary in order to gain new knowledge.
24. The laboriousness of training a puppy was worth it for the companionship and loyalty.
25. The laboriousness of writing a research paper required extensive research and analysis.
26. The laboriousness of assembling the furniture was reduced by following the instructions carefully.
27. The laboriousness of organizing a fundraiser was compensated by the amount of money raised.
28. The laboriousness of studying for exams was required in order to achieve academic success.
29. The laboriousness of producing a movie required a talented team of professionals.
30. The laboriousness of practicing for a musical performance was worth it for the sense of artistry and creativity.

Common Phases

1. The laboriousness of the task was overwhelming; every step felt like a struggle.
2. Despite the laboriousness involved, she persisted with her project until its completion.
3. The laboriousness of the process was a necessary evil; there was no shortcut to success.
4. His work ethic was driven by an innate laboriousness; he never shied away from a difficult assignment.
5. The sheer laboriousness of the job required a team effort; everyone had to pitch in to get it done.
6. The laboriousness of the training regimen was exhausting; but it would pay dividends in the long run.
7. She found little satisfaction in the laboriousness of the routine; but it was a means to an end.
8. The laboriousness of the inspection process was necessary to ensure the quality of the product.

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