Loaf example sentences

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"Loaf" Example Sentences

1. I bought a fresh loaf of bread from the supermarket this morning.
2. Yesterday, I made a delicious sandwich with a thick slice of whole wheat bread loaf.
3. The baker usually bakes four loaves of bread every hour.
4. My grandmother always bakes a homemade loaf of bread for our Sunday family dinner.
5. The bakery display was filled with different types of bread loaves, from sourdough to rye.
6. The hungry ducks swam over to me when I broke off a piece of my bread loaf to feed them at the park.
7. We had to throw away the moldy loaf of bread in the pantry.
8. The smell of fresh baked bread from the oven filled the house, and I couldn't wait to slice into the warm loaf.
9. My mom made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a mini loaf of bread for my school lunch today.
10. Do you have any idea how long this bread loaf will last before getting stale?
11. I prefer thick slices of bread loaf for my toast in the morning.
12. The table was set with a loaf of bread, cheese, and a bottle of wine.
13. I like to dip my bread loaf into the soup to soak up all the flavors.
14. She spread a generous amount of butter onto the warm bread loaf and enjoyed it with a cup of tea.
15. I forgot to buy a fresh loaf of bread, so I had to use tortillas for my sandwich wraps.
16. The bread recipe called for two loaves of white flour and one loaf of wheat flour.
17. We watched as the baker kneaded the dough and shaped it into a loaf before placing it in the oven.
18. The bread was so good that I ate almost the whole loaf by myself.
19. When I woke up this morning, I realized that the cat had knocked over the loaf of bread and took a bite out of it.
20. The homeless man on the street corner asked for a loaf of bread instead of money.
21. The bread knife was sharp enough to cut through the crusty bread loaf with ease.
22. My husband surprised me with a fresh loaf of banana bread that he baked himself.
23. The bakery advertised a new seasonal bread loaf with pumpkin and cinnamon flavors.
24. I could smell the aroma of freshly baked bread loaves from the street and decided to go inside the bakery.
25. Every morning, I prepare a breakfast plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, and a slice of toast from a bread loaf.
26. My roommate came home from the grocery store with a big loaf of sourdough bread and some cheese to make grilled cheese sandwiches.
27. I always use breadcrumbs made from leftover bread loaves for my meatloaf recipe.
28. The bread loaf was covered in sesame seeds and looked delicious, so I decided to try it.
29. The old-fashioned bread-making technique involved letting the dough sit and rise before putting it into the loaf pans.
30. I wrapped the bread loaf with plastic wrap to keep it fresh for the next day.

Common Phases

1. I'm planning to loaf around all day;
2. He's such a lazy loaf;
3. I baked a fresh loaf of bread this morning;
4. Can you grab a loaf of bread from the store?
5. I'm going to pick up a meatloaf for dinner tonight;
6. We enjoyed a quiet afternoon on the patio, loafing in the sunshine;
7. Don't be such a cheap loaf, buy everyone a round of drinks;
8. There's nothing better than a warm loaf of banana bread on a chilly morning;
9. I'm going to spend my vacation just loafing on the beach;
10. It's already 2 pm and you're still loafing in your pajamas?

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