Lurch example sentences

Related (10): stumble, falter, flounder, stagger, sway, teeter, totter, waver, weave, jerk

"Lurch" Example Sentences

1. The car suddenly lurched forward.
2. The ship lurched to the side as a huge wave hit.
3. The ground suddenly lurched beneath our feet.
4. The boat suddenly lurched over, throwing me into the water.
5. The plane gave a sudden lurch as we hit a pocket of turbulence.
6. The city was left in lurch after the hurricane hit.
7. The students were left in a lurch after the teacher quit abruptly.
8. I felt a sudden lurch in my stomach as the roller coaster dropped.
9. The carriage gave a horrible lurch that threw me from my seat.
10. The floor lurched upward, knocking me off my feet.
11. The elevator gave an alarming lurch as it descended.
12. The chair lurched forward, spilling her drink.
13. The building lurched and creaked during the earthquake.
14. I felt a lurch in my stomach as I was about to get on the ride.
15. The plot lurched forward with little connection between scenes.
16. The economy was left in the lurch after the businesses failed.
17. The funding was pulled, leaving the project in the lurch.
18. The bus suddenly lurched sideways.
19. Without warning, the ground lurched under our feet.
20. The crowd lurched toward the stage as the band came on.
21. The hobo stumbled and lurched across the street.
22. The man lurched unsteadily to his feet.
23. The story lurches from one scene to the next with no transitions.
24. His thoughts lurched wildly from one thing to another.
25. The chair lurched backward as his feet caught the leg.
26. The theory lurched from one possibility to the next.
27. The film lurches between styles with little coherence.
28. The economy lurched from one crisis to the next.
29. Her explanation lurched in a confusing manner.
30. The organization was left in the lurch after its funding was cut.
31. Without warning, the ground lurched violently beneath us.
32. The elevator car gave a sickening lurch, leaving my stomach behind.
33. The organization was left in the lurch without proper leadership.
34. The passengers lurched from side to side as the train rounded the bend.
35. The bridge gave an alarming lurch as they crossed it.
36. The car lurched forward and then jerked to a stop.
37. The drunk man lurched unsteadily down the street.
38. The story lurches haphazardly from one event to the next.
39. The book's plot lurches wildly between characters and subplots.
40. Her argument lurched from point to pointless point.
41. The floor lurched under my feet, almost knocking me down.
42. The floor lurched wildly before settling into stillness.
43. The performance lurched between uneven acts.
44. The cause was left in the lurch after pledges fell through.
45. The car lurched violently as the driver slammed on the brakes.
46.The economy has lurched from crisis to crisis for the past decade.
47. The cause was left in the lurch when its leader unexpectedly resigned.
48. The bridge gave a sickening lurch as they crossed it.
49. The bridge lurched alarmingly with each step.
50. His argument lurched aimlessly from point to irrelevant point.
51. The plot lurches haphazardly from one improbable event to the next.
52. The theory lurched uncertainly from one possibility to another.
53. The ship lurched wildly in the stormy seas.
54. His drunken friends lurched down the street.
55. The chair gave a sickening lurch as one leg broke.
56. The story lurches clumsily from one overblown scene to the next.
57. The show lurched between slapstick humor and emotional drama.
58. The meeting lurched from one tangential topic to the next.
59. The ship lurched violently in the choppy waves, knocking several passengers down.
60. The car lurched forward, slamming me against the dashboard.

Common Phases

1. Left in the lurch - When someone or something is abandoned in an inconvenient or difficult position.
2. Lurch forward - Move forward abruptly or unsteadily.
3. Lurch sideways - Move abruptly from side to side.
4. Lurch backward - Move abruptly and unsteadily backward.
5. Lurch around - Move about abruptly or unsteadily.
6. Lurch over - Tip or move suddenly and unevenly over to one side.
7. Stomach lurch - An unpleasant feeling or jolt in the stomach, typically due to sudden movement, shock, or anxiety.
8. Sickening lurch - An abrupt, unpleasant movement that causes nausea or sickness.
9. Alarming lurch - A sudden, uncontrolled movement that causes alarm or concern.
10. Sudden lurch - Abrupt, uncontrolled movement happening quickly and without warning.

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