Marauder example sentences

Related (7): pirate, raider, plunderer, bandit, outlaw, marauder, looter

"Marauder" Example Sentences

1. The marauders ransacked the village.
2. The band of marauders invaded the peaceful farmland.
3. The pirates acted as marauders, pillaging towns and ships.
4. The marauders destroyed everything in their path.
5. The marauders stole from the villagers.
6. The city was attacked by a gang of marauders.
7. The marauders looted and burnt houses.
8. The marauders stole livestock from the farms.
9. The castle was besieged by a horde of marauders.
10. The marauder forced the peasant to hand over his valuables at swordpoint.
11. The lone marauder broke into isolated farmhouses.
12. The marauders left a trail of destruction in their wake.
13. The marauders attacked without warning or mercy.
14. The marauder stole whatever took his fancy.
15. The marauders savagely beat some of the villagers.
16. The troops pursued the fleeing marauders.
17. The marauder attacked the merchant's caravan.
18. The marauders were driven off by the castle guards.
19. The marauders destroyed crops to deprive villagers of food.
20. The fierce marauder rampaged through the town.
21. The marauders were seen fleeing on horseback.
22. The marauders laid waste to the monastery.
23. The marauder stole jewels from the peasant woman.
24. The marauders attacked without provocation.
25. The marauders slaughtered anyone who resisted.
26. The marauders killed the livestock and burnt the barns.
27. The marauders were chased off by an armed troop.
28. The defiant marauder refused to drop his sword.
29. The savage marauder showed his victims no mercy.
30. The marauders attacked at midnight under cover of darkness.
31. The fierce marauder showed no fear.
32. The marauder fled into the woods.
33. The marauders carried off women as captives.
34. The merciless marauders slaughtered everyone in the village.
35. The local lord organized a troop to drive out the marauders.
36. The violence of the marauders shocked the villagers.
37. The cruel marauder took pleasure in causing pain.
38. The marauder had a violent reputation.
39. The marauders camped in the woods between raids.
40. The pitiless marauder showed no mercy.
41. The king sent troops to deal with the marauders.
42. The marauders burnt crops to create famine.
43. The marauders fled at the sound of approaching soldiers.
44. The band of marauders terrorized the local peasants.
45. The cold-hearted marauders murdered children.
46. The barbaric marauders rampaged through the defenseless countryside.
47. The marauder carried off loot in his saddlebags.
48. The marauder threatened villagers with his axe.
49. The marauders looted wine from the village cellar.
50. The ruthless marauders killed indiscriminately.
51. The marauders were driven off by armed townsfolk.
52. The callous marauder showed no sympathy for his victims.
53. The marauders enjoyed destroying and pillaging.
54. The marauders were drunk on wine stolen from the village.
55. The cruel marauder terrorized the terrified peasants.
56. The merciless marauders burnt homes and stole possessions.
57. The marauder carried a bloodstained axe.
58. The troops tracked the fleeing marauders.
59. The band of marauders descended on the unsuspecting village.
60. The vicious marauder threatened to kill anyone who resisted.

Common Phases

1. Band of marauders
A group of people who pillage and plunder together.
2. Marauding band
Another term for a band of marauders.
3. Marauding army
An army that pillages and plunders as it moves through enemy territory.
4. Rampaging marauder
A marauder who is causing destruction in a violent way.
5. Ruthless marauder
A marauder who shows no mercy or sympathy.
6. Pitiless marauder
A merciless marauder who feels no compassion.
7. Merciless marauder
A heartless marauder who shows no mercy towards victims.
8. Horde of marauders
A large disorganized group or swarm of marauders.
9. Marauding raids
Attacks by marauders aimed at pillaging and looting.
10. Marauding party
A group of marauders organized for the purpose of looting and pillaging.

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