Mark example sentences

Related (15): grade, symbol, indication, label, tag, signature, stamp, impression, notation, emblem, trace, traceable, benchmark, milestone, hallmark.

"Mark" Example Sentences

1. This mark will identify your paper.
2. He marked his territory by scratching on a tree.
3. The exam results will mark the end of the semester.
4. James Dean became a Hollywood mark in the 1950s.
5. I marked the correct answers in red pen.
6. They marked their 20th wedding anniversary with a party.
7. The dent in the car fender marked where he hit the curb.
8. School will mark the beginning of new challenges and opportunities.
9. Her hard work and dedication have really marked her as a star employee.
10. The scars will mark him for life.
11. The finish line marked the end of the marathon.
12. His comment marked a turning point in the discussion.
13. The monument marks the spot where the battle took place.
14. A new decade marks a time for change and growth.
15. That marks the third time she's been late this week!
16. The stain will likely mark that rug forever.
17. I marked the package "fragile" so it would be handled with care.
18. His birthday will mark his 18th year.
19. The high tide mark showed how far the ocean had risen.
20. The tattoo will mark him as a member of that gang forever.
21. Those trees mark the property line.
22. She marked all of the spelling errors in red.
23. The clock struck midnight, marking the end of the year.
24. The deadline marked the end of the project.
25. His contagious smile and witty remarks really marked him as the life of the party.
26. That mark on the window shows where the baseball hit it.
27. Jacob won the race by a wide mark.
28. They marked the old growth trees to save.
29. That mark on your report card will follow you.
30. The invention marked the beginning of a new technological era.
31. His remarks marked an important policy change.
32 The milestones marked the path of their journey.
33. The historical marker commemorates the site of the first fort.
34. The roses in the garden really mark the entrance.
35. The old barn marks the turnoff to the farm.
36. I marked the calendar for his birthday.
37. That mark on his face will probably never fade.
38. The teacher marked all of the spelling errors.
39. Silver hair marks the coming of old age.
40. That mark really stands out on this white wall.
41. The finish line marked the end of their hike.
42. The old shed marks the back corner of the property.
43. His colorful tattoos really mark him as different.
44. That tooth mark in my textbook marks chapter 7.
45. New Year's Day marks the beginning of a fresh start.
46. The blood mark on the carpet really stands out.
47. The trail marker pointed to the left.
48. That suspicious mark deserves further investigation.
49. We marked our route on the map before heading out.
50. The dent in the fender really marks where he hit the tree.
51. Their reunion marked 10 years since they had last seen each other.
52. The dog marked his territory on that tree.
53. Silver strands mark the hair of the elderly.
54. That suspicious mark should be tested for blood.
55. The stain may mark that shirt forever.
56. The cave markings date back thousands of years.
57. That child's terrible grade will probably mark him for life.
58. The finish line marked the end of their journey.
59. That mark on his face looks like a birthmark.
60. The milestone really marked a significant stage in their lives.

Common Phases

make one's mark - achieve success or distinction in a particular field
for the most part - mostly but not completely
no marks for guessing - used humorously when someone makes an obvious guess
all marks - everything
leave one's mark - make an impact that lasts beyond one's lifetime
make the grade - meet a required standard
hit the mark - accurately achieve the intended target or result
costly mistake - an error with significant negative consequences
in short - concisely
in a nutshell - briefly and to the point
high marks - approval or commendation
mark the occasion - do something special to commemorate an event
at last - finally
miss the mark - fail to achieve the intended result
in large part - mostly but not entirely
the telling point - the most important or significant detail
so to speak - used to indicate that a word or phrase used is not meant to be taken literally
set the tone - establish the prevailing character or mood
serve as - function in the capacity of
Hope these are helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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