Mechanism example sentences

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"Mechanism" Example Sentences

1. The clockwork mechanism broke after years of use.
2. The latch mechanism unlocked with a satisfying click.
3. The politician proposed a new funding mechanism for education.
4. The lock relied on a simple pin tumbler mechanism.
5. Researchers studied the chemical mechanism behind the reaction.
6. The inflation mechanism allowed the tire to stay properly pressurized.
7. The self-latching mechanism held the gate securely closed.
8. The defense mechanism kicked in when she felt threatened.
9. The regulatory mechanism helped maintain homeostasis in the body.
10. The compensation mechanism offset the financial losses.
11. The cooling mechanism prevented the device from overheating.
12. The feedback mechanism allowed the system to adjust and correct itself.
13. The early warning mechanism alerted them to potential problems.
14. The dampening mechanism reduced the vibration of the machine.
15. The set point mechanism controlled the temperature within certain limits.
16. The spring-loaded mechanism caused the object to snap back into place.
17. The sensor activation mechanism triggered the response automatically.
18. The release mechanism allowed the door to be opened from the inside.
19 The feedback mechanism adjusted the system in response to new information.
20. The socialization mechanism differed between introverts and extroverts.
21. The stretching mechanism allowed the joints to have a wide range of motion.
22. The transmission mechanism transferred the force from one component to another.
23. The escapement mechanism controlled the timing of the pendulum clock.
24. The compensation mechanism offset any losses incurred.
25. The hydraulic mechanism provided a smooth and easy motion.
26. The ignition mechanism sparked the fire in the furnace.
27. The psychological mechanism allowed them to cope with the trauma.
28. The insulin delivery mechanism more accurately mimicked the human body.
29. The kickstand mechanism held the bike steady when parked.
30. The tension mechanism kept the wire tight and stable.
31. The locking mechanism secured the door and prevented unauthorized entry.
32. The proposed funding mechanism aimed to increase equity in the system.
33. The ballast mechanism adjusted the depth and stability of the submarine.
34. The amplification mechanism magnified the small vibrations.
35. The power transfer mechanism linked the engine to the wheels.
36. The slider mechanism allowed the drawer to open and close smoothly.
37. The equalizing mechanism balanced the distribution of workload.
38. The trigger mechanism released the net when the animal approached.
39. The inflation mechanism utilized a simple air pump.
40. The pulley mechanism provided mechanical advantage.
41. The adjustment mechanism allowed the seat to be raised or lowered.
42. The coping mechanism helped her deal with the stress in a healthy way.
43. The hydraulic mechanism provided the vehicle with its power steering.
44. The steering mechanism allowed the wheels to turn the vehicle.
45. The brake mechanism stopped the movement of the vehicle.
46. The compensation mechanism offset losses to bring the system into balance.
47. The price control mechanism aimed to curb inflation.
48. The proposed policy mechanism sought to encourage more positive behaviors.
49. The valve mechanism regulated the flow of gas through the pipes.
50. The amplification mechanism heightened the sensitivity of the device.
51. The safety mechanism prevented the blade from moving without the guard in place.
52. The crank mechanism converted circular motion into reciprocating motion.
53. The compensation mechanism aimed to offset losses and restore equilibrium.
54. The governor mechanism regulated the speed of the engine.
55. The revolutionary mechanism changed the world in unimaginable ways.
56. The restoration mechanism repaired the damage to the cells.
57. The thermal insulation mechanism prevented heat loss from the system.
58. The internal combustion engine relied on a complex valve timing mechanism.
59. The proposed legal mechanism sought to provide greater accountability.
60. The solar panel relied on a simple tracking mechanism to follow the sun.

Common Phases

1. The mechanism of the watch is very complex.
2. The voting mechanism needs improvement.
3. The self-regulating mechanism kept the temperature stable.
4. The safety mechanism prevented the accident.
5. The biological mechanisms of the human body are fascinating.
6. The feedback mechanism regulates the flow of material.
7. The pricing mechanism did not work as intended.
8. The immune system is a complex mechanism in our bodies.
9. The lever is part of the lifting mechanism.
10. The brake mechanism needs to be fixed.
11. The cooling mechanism broke down.
12. The proposal includes a payment mechanism.
13. The defense mechanism prevented her from remembering the trauma.
14. The negotiating mechanism ended in failure.
15. The synchronizing mechanism kept the clocks aligned.
16. The check and balance mechanism ensures transparency.
17. We need to understand the underlying mechanism of these reactions.
18. A maneuvering mechanism allows robots to move freely.
19. The coping mechanism helped her deal with the stress.
20. The locking mechanism did not work properly.
21. The economic stabilization mechanism achieved its goal.
22. The decision-making mechanism is complex.
23. The balloon's expanding mechanism depends on heat.
24. The inflation mechanism caused high prices.
25. The cooling mechanism in the fridge broke.
26. The disciplinary mechanism is meant to be educational.
27. The double-locking mechanism ensures security.
28. The release mechanism got stuck.
29. The linguistic mechanism allows humans to speak.
30. The feedback mechanism regulates the volume.
31. They studied the biochemical mechanism of aging.
32. The genetic mechanism controls inheritance.
33. The reward mechanism motivates behavior.
34. The weapons delivery mechanism failed.
35. The psychological mechanism he described seems inaccurate.
36. The income distribution mechanism favored the rich.
37. The data preservation mechanism malfunctioned.
38. The compliance mechanism lacked effectiveness.
39. The containment mechanism enabled the safe transport.
40. The nomination mechanism favors established figures.
41. The musical instrument uses a complex wind mechanism.
42. The research aims to understand the neural mechanisms of perception.
43. The political mechanisms of the regime suppressed opposition.
44. The wind-up mechanism powered the toy.
45. The printing mechanism jammed.
46. The criminal justice system includes various control mechanisms.
47. The self-regulatory mechanisms require time to develop.
48. The algorithm specifies a reward calculation mechanism.
49. The defense mechanism caused him to lash out angrily.
50. The corporate governance mechanisms broke down.
51. The explosive device's detonation mechanism malfunctioned.
52. The reuse mechanism enabled cost savings.
53. The dispute resolution mechanism failed to settle the issue.
54. The extrusion mechanism pushed out the material.
55. The treaty includes a conflict resolution mechanism.
56. The spam filtering mechanism blocked most emails.
57. The proposal recommends a new redressal mechanism.
58. The adaptive mechanism allowed the plant to thrive.
59. The compensation mechanism rewards good performance.
60. The dissipation mechanism prevented energy accumulation.

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