Mooted example sentences

Related (5): Mooted, proposed, suggested, debated, considered.

"Mooted" Example Sentences

1. The idea of relocating the company’s headquarters was mooted at the meeting.
2. She mooted the possibility of extending the deadline.
3. The proposal to raise taxes was mooted but eventually shot down.
4. He had frequently mooted the idea of starting his own business.
5. The idea of cancelling the project was mooted by the finance department.
6. They mooted the suggestion of implementing a new software system.
7. The issue of employee benefits was mooted by the HR department.
8. The committee mooted the idea of a company-wide training program.
9. He mooted the proposal of introducing weekly team meetings.
10. The topic of restructuring the organization was mooted at the board meeting.
11. The idea of hiring additional staff was mooted to improve productivity.
12. They mooted the notion of reducing work hours to improve work-life balance.
13. The question of company policies was mooted at the last employee meeting.
14. The idea of increasing salaries was mooted at the executive committee meeting.
15. He mooted the possibility of outsourcing some of the company’s processes.
16. The proposal to implement more flexible working arrangements was mooted by the HR department.
17. The idea of expanding the product line was mooted by the marketing team.
18. She mooted the suggestion of launching a new advertising campaign.
19. The option of merging with a competitor was mooted at the board meeting.
20. The proposal to introduce new equipment was mooted by the production team.
21. They mooted the option of rebranding the company to appeal to a younger demographic.
22. The idea of increasing marketing spend was mooted by the executives.
23. The possibility of opening a new branch was mooted at the last management meeting.
24. The proposal to acquire a smaller rival was mooted by the business development team.
25. The topic of reducing the carbon footprint was mooted at the sustainability committee meeting.
26. They mooted the possibility of offering flexible work arrangements to attract more talent.
27. The idea of relocating the production facilities to a cheaper location was mooted by the CEO.
28. The proposal to invest in renewable energy sources was mooted at the last board meeting.
29. They mooted the suggestion of launching a mobile app to increase customer engagement.
30. The option of partnering with a leading technology provider was mooted by the IT department.

Common Phases

1. The idea of a merger was mooted; however, it was quickly dismissed.
2. Several options were mooted; ultimately, the team chose the most feasible one.
3. The issue of funding was mooted at the meeting; yet, no concrete solutions have been proposed.
4. A proposal to increase the budget was mooted; unfortunately, it did not gather enough support.
5. The possibility of a strike was mooted by the union leaders; however, negotiations are still ongoing.

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