Mule example sentences

Related (7): donkey, hybrid, stubborn, crossbred, hardy, surefooted, load-bearing.


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mule (noun) · mules (plural noun) · spinning mule (noun) · spinning mules (plural noun)

  - the offspring of a donkey and a horse (strictly, a male donkey and a female horse), typically sterile and used as a beast of burden. Compare with hinny

  - a person compared to a mule, especially in being stubborn or obstinate.

  - a courier for illegal drugs.

  - a hybrid plant or animal, especially a sterile one.

  - any of several standard crossbred varieties of sheep.

  - a kind of spinning machine producing yarn on spindles, invented by Samuel Crompton (1753–1827) in 1779.

  - a small tractor or locomotive, typically one that is electrically powered.

  - a coin with the obverse and reverse of designs not originally intended to be used together.


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mule (noun) · mules (plural noun)

  - a slipper or light shoe without a back.


hinny, ass, jackass, jenny, hinny, burro, cuddy, contrabandist, runner, courier, bootlegger, moccasin, slipperette, pump

"Mule" Example Sentences

1. The mule stubbornly refused to budge from its spot.
2. We rode a mule up the mountain trail.
3. The farmer used his mule for plowing the field.
4. A mule is a hybrid between a horse and a donkey.
5. The mule kicked up a cloud of dust as it trotted across the field.
6. The hiker loaded his backpack onto the mule and set off on the trail.
7. The mule brayed loudly, startling everyone in the vicinity.
8. The old man reminisced about his childhood when mules were commonly used for transportation.
9. The circus featured a trained mule act that amazed the audience.
10. The mule's hooves clattered against the rocky terrain.
11. The smugglers loaded the contraband onto the mule's back and headed towards the border.
12. The farmer affectionately patted his mule's nose before leading it to the stable.
13. The mule team pulled the heavy wagon along the dirt road.
14. The mule inherited its mother's long ears and its father's muscular build.
15. The rider guided the mule along the narrow path with expert precision.
16. The mule bristled at the sound of the barking dog.
17. The soldier rode a mule through the rugged terrain of the battlefield.
18. The mule's bray echoed through the canyon, signaling the start of the workday.
19. The bandits stole the mule and its load of goods from the unsuspecting traveler.
20. The mule was trained to follow voice commands from its owner.
21. The explorer relied on his trusty mule to carry his supplies across the desert.
22. The mule stumbled over a rock and nearly tripped its rider.
23. The pack mule carried the heavy load of supplies up the steep mountain.
24. The mule's long hair kept it warm during the cold winter months.
25. The rider dismounted from the mule and stretched his cramped legs.
26. The mule driver urged his team on as they dragged the heavy load across the muddy field.
27. The mule's steady gait made it an ideal mount for long journeys.
28. The farmer gave his aging mule a rest after a long day of hauling.
29. The mule's stubbornness proved to be a challenge for its inexperienced owner.
30. The circus performer balanced on the back of a mule as it trotted around the ring.

Common Phases

1. Stubborn as a mule;
2. Work like a mule;
3. Kicked by the mule;
4. Strong as a mule;
5. Pack mule;
6. Don't put the cart before the mule;
7. Sure-footed as a mule;
8. Mule-headed;
9. Mule train;
10. Mule skinner.

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